Everything Old Is New Again: Now 2nd Years, We Welcome 1st Years to the School

First Day of Classes for New Semester!

It’s amazing that the new school year has begun.

My New Studio, Ready for Painting
My New Studio, Ready for Painting

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Already, it’s my second year. I had a wonderful Summer, full of movies and sun and travel and music and food. I wish I could recount all of the films I’ve seen, since May. How can I do that? I’ll research it.

Traveling-wise: I went to London, Paris (for a day trip), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Provincetown.

I also made a lot of a certain type of work. I’d describe my work as “Meta-Practice,” as it’s work that is both artistic and promotional. I created an Avatar, “Lil’ Timmy Rose,” who is my place holder in Social Media. It both keep my Social Media from being directly about ME, but still about myself. He’s also the host of “Inspired By,” which was my largest project this Summer, as I created and edited a whopping (and tedious) 275 videos about Art and Contemporary Art History. It’s a lot, and I’m still rendering. I’m proud of myself, because I literally worked on these videos for the ENTIRE Summer, doing something (tedious) every day. I wanted to finish in July and work in the studio, but it didn’t happen. That’s fine, as I’m now in my new studio and can work this year.

Already, I know what I’ll do for Open Studios on November 12th. The clock is already ticking!

Barbecue at Mighty Quinn's on Greenwich Avenue
Barbecue at Mighty Quinn’s on Greenwich Avenue

I’m both feeling hopeful and despairing at the same time. This is a typical condition. I’m not particularly thrilled about the instability and uncertainly in the World. I am — needless to say — unhappy with the bad choices that many, many people made during the 2016 Elections. This shows me that it is never a bad decision to go against the grain of what most people do. It’s more and more obvious to me that to follow the crowd is a grave error. Unfortunately, as it comes to politics, the grave errors and bad decisions of others can affect all of our lives, which is both sad and disturbing.

The First Visiting Artists Lecture
The First Visiting Artists Lecture

On the positive note, I’m in my 3rd Semester, and I’m going to to make the most of it. I have to dispel any envy or negative feelings and just work on being myself. I completely understand that my social connections are often wanting. It’s partially my fault and partially the condition of the world. In any case, it is what it is.

Onwards we go to a great new year!

A (Partial) List of Movies I Saw Since the End of Last Semester:

The Handmaiden

Bye Bye Man




John Wick 2

Lego Batman Movie

Cure for Wellness

Get Out


Kong: Skull Island


Belko Experiment


Ghost In The Shell

Fate of the Furious


How To Be a Latin Lover

Guardians of the Galaxy 2



King Authur


Alien Covenant

Wonder Woman

It Comes At Night

The Mummy

Rough Night


Big Sick

Baby Driver


The House

Spiderman Homecoming

Lady MacBeth

War for the Planet of the Apes

Wish Upon


Girls Trip


Atomic Blonde

Wolf Warrior 2



Dark Tower

Wind River

Annabelle Creation

Good Time

Logan Lucky

The Villainess

Close Encounters

Mildred at Dinner

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