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Last Day of Spring Semester Classes

Amazingly enough, yesterday was the last day of class.

Pills as Part of a Performance in the Queer Theory Class
Pills as Part of a Performance in the Queer Theory Class

Wow! Time moves quickly. This is both exciting (in the sense that my senses are excited or stimulated) and terrifying, as I hope that I can achieve all that I want to before my time in school is up. Of course, this is all up to me. It’s up to me to get off my ass and make my work, to plan and execute and be prepared for next year, which promises to be just as fast.

Morning Walk Music: "Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny
Morning Walk Music: “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny

My final Queer Theory class seemed to go well. The instructor offered wine and snacks and there was a surprise performance by one of the students. As the instructor talked, a student got up and approached the front of the room. She pulled out a large bag stuffed with red/white pill capsules and laid it on the table. She then took off her dress to reveal a tank top and number of layers of tan stockings. She peeled off one set of stockings and I was concerned that she would continue. Instead, she clipped the leg off of the removed stocking and filled it with pills until it took on a tumescent, penis-like shape, tying the end of the stocking. She then approached a student and asked the student to hold onto the front of her remaining stockings while she used a pair of scissors to clip the stocking/pill sausage and emptied the pills into the front part of her stockings, padding them until they formed a layer that surrounded her crotch area. She continued this filling, tying, clipping and loading ritual a number of times with a number of other students until the long leg stocking piece was just a nub. And then the performance was over. It was intriguing and enthralling and I noted to the woman, much to her pleasure, that elements reminded me of the artist Ana Mendieta.

Pretty Oil Slick in the Rain
Pretty Oil Slick in the Rain

I was also expected to complete some sort of project or paper for the class, but the readings were dense enough for me to be unable to get through them (along with a bit my own laziness, let’s be honest). In any case, I submitted my First Year Show project, “Casual Cruelties,” and thank goodness many of the themes seem to fit with whatever we were learning in class. There were so many new terms in each class: terms that can’t be found in a Wikipedia or Google search, proving that not absolutely all information — especially academic discourse — is available online.

For our final Critical Issues class, the students were invited to present something: a poem, a video, a speech. I decided to to a bit of group research by asking my classmates about Art School Do’s and Don’ts. It wasn’t an entire bust! I learned a few things and we all had a few laughs, so it was worth the effort. Now, it’s on to the Summer!

Some Lessons:

DO: Explain your critique or criticism

DO: Give credit where credit is due

DO: Budget for materials

DON’T: Make your studio a fire hazard

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