Preparing for a Performance at Thesis Show

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Last week and Saturday I helped a classmate execute a performance for her Thesis show.

Subway Music: "Uptown" by Prince
Subway Music: “Uptown” by Prince

April 24, 2017

The woman is a Harvard graduate and I was intrigued to learn that she had been accepted to Yale School of Art as well but chose our school. I suppose that a school’s status as the “Number One” isn’t important to everyone. I’m happy where I am, as well.

I saw the woman in front of an elevator early last week, if I remember correctly, and inquired as to how she was doing. She noted that she needed help with her project, and I immediately volunteered. I thought, why not? It would be nice to spread some Good Will. Heaven knows the world needs more of that, right now.

Movie: "Free Fire," Directed by Ben Wheatley

So, I followed up with her emailed instructions and a group of us met her on Thursday in the morning. We were tasked with using pieces of cloth that were attached to wooden dowels and moving them on cue in front of the new visual and performing arts building that the school has built. The desired effect was to create a face that would move in conjunction with a marching band that was playing music in the square in front of the building — reacting to the music with glee and awe.

We were asked to dress in black and march into the building, leading the marching band, which would stay in the plaza after we descended the elevator to our places in the windows. Pieces of paper with the correct cues were affixed to the window panes. I was pleased to help my classmate with the performance. The piece consisted of about 100 cues, moving a set of “pupils” that would help comprise the face around in a set of window panes. A woman held the “white” of the eye directly behind me.

Bacon-Wrapped Enoki Mushroom at Goemon, Kenmare Street, NYC
Bacon-Wrapped Enoki Mushroom at Goemon, Kenmare Street, NYC

The sky was cloudy the day of the event, with a few sprinkles of rain. Happily, the precipitation held up enough for the group to do the march into the building and perform the piece, effectively. After the performance, I high-tailed it down to the Red Cat on Tenth Avenue to have dinner with my Partner. Again, I felt bad for not attending the after-Thesis parties, but I just wanted to hang out with my biggest supporter AND patron. A patron is necessary for mosts artists through the ages, and I don’t doubt that it’s the most important relationship that one can have, especially given that I haven’t yet pulled in a dollar and am still wondering if I ever will.

As an after-note, I was even more impressed once I saw the projection that the woman made for the night time. The projections are videos plied upon scrims in the windows on the 6th and 8th floors. What I appreciate about this projects is that no one can really make a claim on using the building in that way, again. It can’t be done again, so I applaud her for that.

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