'Fate of the Furious' at AMC Loews 34th Street Theater

Fate Of The Ambitious

A group of us went to the studio of a very famous artist, in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Continuing about Friday, it was fascinating to see the staff and the generous amount of space that the artist had to work. She is, of course, VERY famous — part of art history. Her works have been replicated in countless books about the era in which she arose — the early 1980s. The woman was very self-conscious about her age, saying that she was “old” on a number of occasions. I can only laugh because she’s already achieved a level of success that will be difficult to duplicate for almost all of us, so what does it matter what age she is? In any case, that particular quirk was endearing, at the very least.

I had lunch with a classmate of mine before the visit. We’ll call him “Jim.” Jim is a very interesting person and one that I can’t say that I’ve ever met, before. I’ve met many types of people over my life, but this is the first time I’ve gotten close to what could most effectively be called an “addict.” Even he would admit that he has been (or is) an addict, right now. His writings and artwork tell of his relations with drug dealers and Aderall overdoses. I feel bad because this guy is very genuine, sweet and enthusiastic.

I appreciated his comments in class and was always curious about his work because it certainly stands out in a way — for it’s extreme messiness and decadence. His objects are filled with pill bottles and cigarette butts draped with resin. The studio is almost a “rats nest” of stuff: Cloth paintings, ripped up posters, broken windows, trash. He keeps two hamsters scurrying around in a small pen on the floor of the studio if one could discern a floor. Again, I’m not against the dude. I like him A LOT, I’m simply describing him. He has had a few issues where he lost his phone and disappeared for a few days, ending up at a hospital, the tag of which he still wears throughout the school.

I suppose that I began interacting with him more when he expressed interest in my work. It’s not like I only want people to be interested in what I’m doing, without any sense of reciprocation, but I often just feel forgotten or left alone. At school, some of this is my fault, as I’m not a “hang out guy” and I leave school to come home and do my own thing or relax and collect my thoughts. In any case, we started a rapport, especially around the idea of putting on a show. We vowed to meet each Monday, and so far we’ve been consistent with that, although his behavior hasn’t been consistent. But please understand, I like and am beginning to care for this guy. More on this topic later. Still, I’m excited about the possibilities of this relationship. It’s simply different.

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