York Street Station, Brooklyn

“Oh Sister…”

Friday turned out to be fuller than expected.

Morning Walk Music: "Self Control" by Laura Branigan
Morning Walk Music: “Self Control” by Laura Branigan

Monday, April 17, 2007

My Sister is visiting from San Francisco. My partner and I are truly too nice, because — recognizing that our place is a tad uncomfortable for three people — we decided to have a “staycation” (as they call it) and decamp to the Affinia Fifty hotel on 50th Street and 3rd Avenue. We used to stay at the hotel on our many trips to New York when we still lived in San Francisco, so we have a great affection for the place. Some of the people who worked at the hotel are still employed there, while it seems that they have done away with the doormen. Also, a “video store,” Expressions, is closed on 53rd street. It is a storied place for me, and I’ve had a few fun times, so it’s too bad to see it go.

So Friday, I got up and took a walk with my partner up Park Avenue to the Asia Society and back down to the Hotel. The Park Avenue Armory is having a presentation of Eugene O’Neill’s “The Hairy Ape,” which seems interesting. I’ll be curious to see what blockbuster art show they present, this Summer.

DUMBO Area, Brooklyn
DUMBO Area, Brooklyn

After the walk, I went home to do some work. I’m working on the rubber stamps that I plan to use for works on paper, board, and canvas. It’s been a bit scary to think about the expense that it will take to make this stamps, but I’m also quite silly because I have no problem spending money on my own entertainment or satisfaction. Can’t I spend money for my own career? I’m getting there. I’m very carefully going through each piece, because once the order is made, I can’t recant anything, and I want to make sure I’m making the right amount and correct quality of everything I’m making. Heaven knows I’ve spent 12K on shows, before, with people who don’t have too much interest in furthering my career. But I’m also not stupid, on that account. I understood the real implications of what I was getting, in regards to the gallery, and even worked with the person twice. I think he became less interested in hosting a show when I opted not to utilize his expensive “services.”

Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Side
Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Side

…Speaking of the Summer: Did I mention that I didn’t get a certain “important” Residency? This was the fifth year I applied. I’ll apply again, no problem. In many ways, I didn’t want to be away this Summer, in any case. I have access to my studio and will be working on my projects. I also have to get in touch with the curator of the Summer Show for us Columbia students and be prepared for that.

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