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Back-To-Back Faculty Visits

I had two faculty visits, on Wednesday….

Morning Walk Music: "Work That Body" by Diana Ross
Morning Walk Music: “Work That Body” by Diana Ross

Friday, April 14th, 2017

… And one big, but managed, headache regarding them. For some reason, my scheduling skills have degraded, just a bit. I feel as if when I was in Los Angeles, I scheduled a couple of events, and they were registered on Pacific Standard Time instead of Easter Standard Time. Things got a bit confused and I mis-scheduled a 5:10 PM meeting with a very successful and busy Artist faculty member and double-booked that with a make-up faculty visit at my studio. I was quite upset and nervous but did get to catch up with the studio visit professor and get her itinerary. I was then fortunate enough to get the contact information of one of my classmates and switched time with her, making everything turn out all right. Whew! Thank goodness, because I didn’t really want to miss either session.

The (more) successful artist — let’s say the busier one — opted to meet me at Sweetgreen, the salad emporium that set up shop at 115th and Broadway. She noted that she would buy me food and found it astonishing when I refused any large amount of food. She noted that many students would grab as much food as possible after she made the offer, but I assured her that I’d be eating later in the day.

The visit went well. The artist was very commendable about my work and mentioned that she went back to the gallery to look at it for a longer period… We talked about my newer ideas and I appreciate her comments and the suggestions she made.

Lunch at Bangkok Bar, Gansevoort Market, NYC
Lunch at Bangkok Bar, Gansevoort Market, NYC

Later on I had the other studio visit, which went well. At times, I don’t need TOO much feedback or suggestions, because of course I have to be selective about the information I process and receive.

I’m also looking forward to Summer, which will be another post. In sum, I’ll be here in New York for the Summer, with a bit of traveling. I’ve also decided that if there are risks I need to take, I should take them now. No more joking around or being scared about things. This is the moment to take risks to “get out there” into the world, given all that I’ve learned over the years. It’s not easy, but I need to take a breath and give my ALL, regarding some decisions I have to make. Some of these are financial risks, but I haven’t spent the money yet and made some good important investments in contributing to my home here in the city. It’s just something that needs to be done.

I’m working on creating the stamps that I’ll be using to make paintings and works on paper. It’s a bit scary (see the fear?) because the stamps aren’t cheap and there will be many of them. Like MANY! I’ve struggled for a long time, trying to figure out how I can translate my “digital” practice into more “fetish” type materials like painting, so I hope that this will work. I’ve looked at stamps and stencils and even projections on walls and outsourcing painting to China. After all of this, I think the stamps will be the way to go, but they have to be perfect when they are sent to the rubber stamp maker.

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