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Tuesday was a fine, if typical school day

Morning Walk Music: "Reach Out For Me" by Dionne Warwick
Morning Walk Music: “Reach Out For Me” by Dionne Warwick

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It’s a little scary how fast time is passing. I only have a few weeks before the second semester — and my first year — is over. I’m still doing some catch-up with the events of this past month.

Another recent school-related development is that a set of organized and vocal students was able to convince the school to offer every student in the visual arts program a ten thousand dollar tuition credit. This is due to the fact that our second-year studio building is in need of repair. Over the holiday break, the ceiling fell in in a particular part of the building. Thankfully, no one was present in the room in which the calamity occurred, but anyone in the room would certainly be injured.

Ramen Lunch at Ramen Ya, West 4th Street, NYC
Ramen Lunch at Ramen Ya, West 4th Street, NYC

After this, I suppose that some of my classmates smelled blood. They organized and complained and called for meetings with the Dean of the school. Meanwhile, I was ignoring the email exchanges and focusing on my work — to the best of my ability. Next thing you know, the Dean announced that we would all be receiving a tuition credit, which I most certainly won’t refuse. I feel both bad that I didn’t pay very much attention, but happy that I got some money back.

So I looked in my checking account and, lo and behold, the money was there! I’m pleased and have to think about how that money will (or won’t) come to use.

"Queer Theory" Class
“Queer Theory” Class

Another option that the school seems to be offering is the opportunity for members of my class to take a year (or some amount of time) off until the proper repairs are made to the studios. At times, I think of the advantages of this arrangement, as it would allow me to take advantage of my status as a “Columbia Student” for a longer time. Being under the aegis of being a student is a special moment. I’m not concerned with having a studio or not — I can manage a practice without a studio, due to my sparing use of space and my digital practice. Of course, if I hope to paint, then I’ll need more space, but for now, I’m fine. What would be good is to build up a greater network and then advertise to more people about my upcoming thesis and all that comes with that. At the same time, I want to get the costs of school out of the way and finish, as who knows what the future holds. Concerns about which I must grapple.

And speaking of grappling, I’m trying to make it through the “Queer Theory” class. I’m so very happy that academia allows for deep thought and the generation of new and forward-looking ideas. That said, I have a hard time keeping up with the academic language that is used in the class. Add to that the fact that every class requires that a book and at least one long article be read, which is an incredible amount of reading.

After “Queer Theory,” we had a poetry reading in our “Critical Issues” class. The guest poet talked about his unique heritage and the story of his grandfather, who was interned in the Japanese internment camps in the United States during World War II.

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