Japanese Curry at Go-Go Curry, 125th Street, NYC

Why Not The B-School Students?

Today was my “full” day, although I often make some adjustments.

Night Walk Music: "The Visitors" by ABBA
Night Walk Music: “The Visitors” by ABBA

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Things started out with a walk, as usual. I always forget that I walked or ran later in the day, but it is absolutely essential to my feeling more alert and good. Again, I need to be working on getting MORE exercise, but this is fine, for now. I need to make sure that my upper body is in good shape. Push-ups, anyone?

After my walk, I came home and continued to work on my online Englyph piece for the first year show. I need to get that done by the end of this week so I can collate my mailing list and get the invites out two weeks before. I’m also going to put this on Facebook and invite all of my old contacts from the West coast. Fuck them. Fuck everyone, for that matter. So in the closet punk, I am.

I had a good, vegetarian lunch at the new Le Pain Quotidien on Bleecker and 6th Avenue. The place used to be an American Apparel store, and it’s a good idea to put this restaurant in its place. That said, the service at LPQ is always just a *little* wanting, but it’s good that it’s there, as a more healthy choice for food. I had what’s called the “Baker’s Lunch” with greens, quinoa, soup and avocado toast. Light but satisfying.

"Queer Theory..." Class
“Queer Theory…” Class

After lunch, I rode up to school and went to my Queer Theory class. I feel bad that it’s not my favored class. I don’t really enjoy it, mainly because I don’t want to read the very long readings that are assigned, each week (usually a book and two essays). There’s so much information that even the class has a hard time focusing on the discussion, however badly the professor would like us to concentrate. I would suggest less reading but that’s not going to happen.

I also continued to be nervous around the girl with whom I had the argument. I helped ameliorate that and offer good will when I quickly and graciously gave her assistance in setting up the computer for her presentation. Also, I made myself feel good by printing a sign that said, “This area is designated wilderness: DO NOT SIT” and placing it on the desk at which the instructor asked that I not seat myself. I was annoyed with that, in this so-called “decolonized” class, but whatever. No one saw the sign, but it was my way of giving a middle finger…. In a gentle, loving way.

"Baker's Lunch" at Le Pain Quotidien
“Baker’s Lunch” at Le Pain Quotidien

After Queer Theory, I walked to my Critical Issues class. The instructor has been attempting to make the class more engaging by splitting up the class and making discussion groups. This means that couldn’t zone out and do other work, which is too bad, but whatever.

By the way, it’s intriguing that so many of our readings in my classes revolve around the topic of race and slavery. It’s not uncomfortable: Happily my classmates don’t single me or other African-American students out in any awkward way, but it’s just fascinating to me. As I’ve mentioned in classes around this topic, I feel like focusing these topics are preaching to the choir. I wish that these classes were taught to business school students, so that they as real power brokers can possible affect some change. Artists can’t do AS MUCH, but some.

After that, I ate food at the Japanese curry joint on 125th Street (Go-Go Curry), and went home after the VALS event.

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