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Monday Meetings

Today, although a day without classes, was fairly full.

Green Curry Ramen at Jin in Manhattanville
Green Curry Ramen at Jin in Manhattanville

March 7, 2017

I didn’t get back home until about 9:30 pm, thanks to some minor train delays after I had my faculty visit at 7:45 pm. The faculty member was thankfully on time and left on time. It used to seem that forty minutes was a long time to talk, but it feels shorter, now. On that note, I’ll be in some long group critiques, because the instructor for this set likes to keep things going for a long time and we have to visit more than one building. That’s the way it is. Maybe we can start earlier. Who knows?

I’ve been working on translating the Englyph into English for the description of my first-year show installation. I was trying to think of a way to link Englyph with Casual Cruelties, so I wrote a description of the installation and then turned that into Englyph for the insert in the show catalog. There is also a QR code that links to the Casual Cruelties Web site, which will feature the Englyph as well as some animated GIFs of the images that are interactive. This should be fun, or as the female voice in Jim Backus & Friend’s 1958 novelty hit, “Delicious!” says, “Oooooh, we’re gonna have fun!” It’s a bit of tedious work, but it’s coming together. I’ll be glad when it’s all together.

Working at the Library
Working at the Library

Besides that, I need to collate all of the contacts that I have made and prepare to put out the information about the first year show. This is why the Web site needs to be done pretty soon so that I can link to that and people will get an idea of what the piece is about. I’m pretty excited about all of this and looking forward to installing and promoting the show.

Studio Music: "Jeepster" by T. Rex
Studio Music: “Jeepster” by T. Rex

I had a second studio visit with a classmate of mine. It seems positive because he seems like someone I could figure out a way to work with, in some way. It’s certainly important that I develop some good relationships because I’ll want and need them when I get out. I hope that we can develop a good rapport and move forward with this. One tantalizing point is that he seems to be connected to some good people. This isn’t the only reason why I want to know and work with him. I’m deeply invested in the idea of “Quid Pro Quo,” or “Something for Something.” I want to help him in some way, and I hope to do the same for him. I think we can make this work!

He is also into the idea of putting on shows, which I think is so very important, and I can’t give up on trying to make that happen. I’m not sure what’s happening with the Summer show, but I think the main concern is that there are a lot of people to take care of. Is there a way to split it up? Who knows? On we go. Also, how many times can I say, “Who knows?” Who knows?

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