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Get Rich?

Part of today was spent doing domestic chores, like cleaning the house.

New Installation for Casual Cruelties
New Installation for Casual Cruelties

Monday, February 20, 2017

It is always a good idea to keep a house clean: Although it is not immediately evident, dirt and smudge can accumulate and settle a general grayness upon a household — not to mention the little “dust bunnies” that pile up in corners and under furniture. After a while they get gross, even though I’m pleased, finally, to have hardwood floors as opposed to carpet.

I have to keep pushing myself. It’s very difficult to do. I need to keep moving out of my comfort zone and try different strategies for finding a gallery. A good one, not an unstable one. I’m thinking about the trajectory of my life, and how even though I go through some levels of pain and rejection, I still get some prized opportunities, eventually. I believe that I am VERY good at what I do, and I can execute my visions. The problems always appear when I have to depend on other humans for things. It often fails, not due to my own fault. I wonder: Is it possible to be completely responsible for my success in the art field? Is there some other way in which I have more agency than just “networking” and hoping for the best? Is all of this possible by being “good” and “ethical?” In some ways, it doesn’t seem like this, but I have to try and at least perhaps tweak my approach.

I had a fine visit with one of the faculty members later in the evening. I showed him a prototype of my “Prospective Objects” series and he was interested. I also showed him some examples of Englyph, just to refresh his memory. He said one thing that I found curious, which was, “You know, you’re not going to get rich off of this…” Well, besides the fact that this is most likely true, I am also very aware of the precariousness of an artist’s financial and cultural position in the art world.

After cleaning up the house I jetted uptown and tried to get some work done on my “Success Stories” videos. I have filmed five, so far: “Politician,” “Dinner,” “Runway,” “Basketball” and “Art Opening.” I’m very much into the “Zone” with this project — something that I’ll talk about at length, later. I also need to add sound effects to the project. I currently feel that I have another good balance between my production values and my budget. I still need to get out, though.

A little while later I asked the instructor that since he could make that comment with such certainty, that he potentially had some knowledge about what WOULD make an artist rich. Of course, then, he backpedaled and noticed that it was “luck,” a point which to some degree I agree. Still, I can tell that I didn’t get into Columbia *completely* due to luck. There was the hard work of trying to meet people and supporters in the Bay area and also trying to make good work. I’m still here, making good work, but what else will put this over the edge? We’re getting there.

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