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Meeting With Curator for First-Year Show

The remainder of my Mentor Week was perfectly fine.

Working on New "Casual Cruelties" Installation
Working on New “Casual Cruelties” Installation

Sunday, February 19, 2017
I am *somewhat* proud of myself that I turned the time into what I needed, instead of going along with everything that was on offer and not really devoting myself to the work I need to do. It can get confusing and frustrating, at times, trying to make the correct decisions in life, particularly regarding relations with other people, which are often volatile and unpredictable.

The Judd Foundation in SoHo
The Judd Foundation in SoHo

Thursday afternoon I met the Mentor group at the Judd Foundation in SOHO. It was the third of the “compounds” that we visited of dead famous artists, the others being Manitoga and Olana. After a while, looking at the preserved results of a successful artist’s life gets a tad tedious and maybe a bit depressing, but whatever. We had to have something to do, during this time.

Cory Archangel at the Kitchen
Cory Archangel at the Kitchen

The next day (Friday) we met in the Chelsea gallery district and saw a show by the artist Cory Archangel at the non-profit, The Kitchen. It was typical nineties-Internet-nostalgia, and there isn’t much to say about it. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day with the group (and I couldn’t for the evening) so I volunteered to buy pizza for the group. We went to a place called Artichoke and ordered drinks and two large pizzas. It was a nice time.

Pizza At Artichoke on 10th Avenue
Pizza At Artichoke on 10th Avenue

Later in the evening I was invited by a woman I know from San Francisco. She invited me to an event at Rhizome for some new Internet prize. I’m pleased that I was able to go, although some times I don’t want to go to events, but I MUST! Parties, etc are where it happens. I wish I knew which parties to go to, even more.
On the other hand, one of my colleagues rightfully so believes that the social, “networking” aspect of all of this Art world is the most important part. Of course, I believe that, as well, but I’m in a bind because I know how weak my social network is. It’s almost too painful to talk about, actually, so I won’t.
In any case, here I am, at this age, doing my very best (I suppose) to advance and succeed in this business. What has gotten me this far, I suppose? My work and me being true to myself, so I suppose that’s what I’ll continue to do.
Yesterday, a curator from the Museum of Modern Art made a studio visit, in preparation for the First-Year show. It was a good, succinct time. I was able, on Friday, to go to the studio and configure the “stands” that I created for my Casual Cruelties videos into a column onto which my three monitors are attached in a vertical configuration. I think that it should be an appealing and attention-catching installation, in the show. I also figured that I should simply include the “sets” that I made for the video — and filmed in them — as part of the installation. We’re not yet sure what part will be integrated into the final presentation (due to space considerations) but I’ll be happy with any arrangement.

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