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“Mentor Week” Begins

I have to be sure to stay on task with my journaling, this week, as it is “Mentor Week.”

The IFC Center on 6th Avenue and West 3rd Street
The IFC Center on 6th Avenue and West 3rd Street

Monday, February 13, 2017

“Mentor Week.” dictates that my schedule is somewhat busy during the day, and last time, I was remiss in writing, each day, which then caused a backup, and I had to recover by writing a lot at one time instead of an amount each time. So, I’m going to try not to make the same mistake, again.

It was a fine day. Somewhat busy and full of talking and information. I started by getting up fairly early and preparing myself to do a re-shoot for one of my “Success Stories” videos. I had a part of my “basketball” piece that was out of focus, and I wanted to make sure that it was looking good, as I learned that you really can’t fix something as egregious as something out of focus in post-production.

Happily, the weather and time were on my side and I got out there to the park on Houston and 6th Avenue and re-filmed a part in which I am seen miming dribbling a basketball in silhouette. The piece looks good, replaced in the video, and it feels complete. So, at this point, I have three pieces, all without sound. I found a “free” sound effects Web site, today, so I’ll dub those sounds in and keep going with the project. It’s kind of fun how my “Casual Cruelties” works were very about color and a controlled environment indoors, while I’m choosing to shoot “Success Stories” out of doors (on gray days) and I most certainly haven’t been able to control the environment. Especially in the realm of people wandering in and out of the shot. It’s actually fine, as it highlights the notion that this character is going about his business of make-believe even though others are seeing him do it.

Our Mentor day started at 9:30 am with our Mentor artist talking about the election. It’s a topic about which I do and don’t want to discuss at the same time. I also don’t want to change my practice, although it would serve me well to at least think about the changed political landscape in relation to my work, although I’m not sure how I could really “tweak” the situation to my advantage as the Mentor seems to suggest or recommend.

In our discussion, we talked about the use of Art School and also the utility (or lack thereof) of living in New York. Some of my classmates expressed disgust with the commercial nature of the New York Art world, and they desired a place and community apart from those pressures and concerns (as if any of us will really have to confront the pressures of commercial success — some will, on second thought.).

After lunch, the groups of us did studio visits. I do appreciate the thoughts of my Mentor and people in my class. I actually received some ideas from them I can definitely run with. We’ll see how things progress as I move forward. I also enjoyed seeing other people’s work, although it is still annoying to me that so many ideas are still half-baked and un-formed, for the level at which these people are at.

At the same time, all of the things that happen outside of school are somewhat random (so I’m making myself believe) so what a person’s production within Art school has little bearing on their success outside of it.

After the studio visits, the group disbanded until tomorrow. I spent the rest of the evening editing my “Success Stories” videos for a faculty visit. Today’s visitor was the Critical Issues teacher from our first semester. I actually enjoyed his class and appreciate the wide range of knowledge he brings to the critique. He has a great sense of contemporary art history and can easily apply it within the context of what he’s seen. By 9 pm or so, it was time to go, and I grabbed the #1 train home.

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