Working on some test stenciling

Snow Day

Today was a continuation of work and an expansion of sociability.

Working on some test stenciling
Working on some test stenciling

Thursday, February 9, 2017
I’ve had a number of studio visits with classmates, recently. A colleague invited me to comment on his work on Wednesday, another came to my studio today, and I will meet with yet another on Saturday. I’ve been enjoying the visits as a time to get to know more about my studio mates and their practices.
There was a big snow storm, today. It’s good that it’s coming quite the way into Winter. I’m not at all a fan of snow. I tolerate it, to be here in New York, and it’s certainly worth it, but for the sake of my “Success Stories” pieces, I hope that it melts away and stays either sunny or gray. I trudged through the still-falling snow to get to the number one train, which was delayed a bit, so it took a while to get uptown. I did, eventually, get there and was able to do some work. On that note, I need to list the things to do.

Snowy Day on 125th Street
Snowy Day on 125th Street

I finally received the stencils from the stencil company for my tests. I was generally pleased with the results. I need to let go of the idea that any of this painting with acrylic is going to be Murakami or Koons perfect. Their lines are done by many many assistants and lack the look of being done by “hand.” I personally prefer that glossy perfection, but I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve it for my Englyph work, at this point. In any case, it doesn’t matter: In the direction in which I’m going, the work will look great in both reproductions and in real life. Also — speaking of real life — on the occasion that I make a real stenciled work, the viewer will be able to see the details and imperfections in the piece once he or she is closer to the work, which is a great effect for establishing the “hand-made” nature of the piece.

Afternoon Walk Music: "My City Was Gone" by The Pretenders
Afternoon Walk Music: “My City Was Gone” by The Pretenders

I need to start sizing my stencils and figuring out how Englyph can be both structured and stay flexible in terms of how I position it. The good news is that I don’t have to use much paint: The tests showed me, in fact, that most will be wasted, as opposed to what is meant to be in the image.

Seeing "The Lego Batman Movie" at 34th Street Cinema
Seeing “The Lego Batman Movie” at 34th Street Cinema

I’m almost ready to purchase a set of the pieces of stencil materials. I need to decide between the 7.5 mm and 10 mm thickness, and will even look if there’s anything more heavy-duty. I’m also trying to think about the materials on which I want to put this work. I like the flatness of gessoed board, although that might take an effort to mount and store. Heavens: This idea of storing work is terrifying, but I’ll get to that when I do. This is why the “Prospective Objects” is such a good idea. I also had the idea of using Animation Master to set up a beautiful virtual gallery space where I can show the Prospective Objects.

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