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Basketball Day

We were made aware of the fact that the weather tomorrow will be snowy.

Afternoon Walk Musi: "Sunday Sun" by Beck
Afternoon Walk Musi: “Sunday Sun” by Beck

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Today was a fairly productive day, both work-wise and culturally.  I wanted to make sure that I filmed at least another video on a vaguely cloudy day before the snow comes in.  I decided that the “basketball” fantasy would be easiest to accomplish, for some reason. I think some of it had to do with the fact that the temperature would near sixty, so I can wear simple clothes without all of the coats and gloves. Incidentally, my hand became so exposed to cold during the “politician” shoot on Saturday that it became cramped. So cramped that I could barely even zip the zipper on my coat. So, I was happy not to have to deal with such bitter weather, although I welcome CLEAR cold over snow any day.

I walked to the Corporal Saravelli park to use that basketball court, but it was already filled with people walking their dogs. There was also another reason, that I can’t recall at the moment. I decided to try another court on Canal street and 6th Avenue. I was vaguely unhappy with the filming location. The area behind the only basketball net I could use was busy with buildings and signs, so I had to be sure to frame the shots so that the architecture of the net and backboard would be set in relief to the sky. It worked well, enough. I was able to get the majority of the shots that, at the least, I could think of. One of the shots, to my disappointment, was out of focus, but it seems that I was able to sharpen it a bit in Adobe Premiere, from the few tests that I have made.

The creative process is an interesting one: After filming two of these videos, I can’t say that I’m super-psyched about it, but I am rarely too critical of my initial forays into activities, and just power through any doubts, usually to end up with a pleasing result. Everything can be “done in post” when it comes to video, with the exception of some extremely egregious mistakes. I hope that this piece makes more sense, the more I do in the series. I have to decide what I might do for a studio visit, next week, during out Mentor Week. I won’t even talk about Mentor Week, because that’s next week, and I’m sure I’ll have enough with which I need to contend.

I’ve had a number of studio visits, this week. Quite a few, in fact. Monday I had three, and then Tuesday — something about which I had forgotten to mention — I had a visit with a woman from the Art History program. The Visual Arts program and Art History department had an “Internal Open Studios” so that members of the Art History community could come and see what we’re up to. Happily, I was able to interest a woman who is interested in American art of the African diaspora. She is very sweet and very pretty. I’m glad that someone is interested in my work, but it’s very obvious to me that I can’t escape this body, as pertains to the work. What is one to do? Continue, that’s all. And be true to myself, which, unfortunately, I’m TOO good at.

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