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It’s a “Look”

I’m experimenting a bit with ways to make myself “look.”

Morning Walk Music: "Luka" by Suzanne Vega
Morning Walk Music: “Luka” by Suzanne Vega

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I’m planning on filming pantomimed “Success Story” pieces. I bought some labeling dot stickers at the local stationery store to see what kind of minimal effects I could have on my face that would be very easy to apply and remove. I kind of liked the way some red dots looked below my eyes. I don’t want the audience to confuse Tim Roseborough with “The Character,” who will remain nameless because I don’t feel like naming yet another thing! I also need to make sure that it’s okay to film in these playgrounds, although I doubt that there will be any kids or any people out at the very early times that I plan to film.

I’m looking at perhaps a schedule of setting up shots one day and then filming the next. Perhaps I’ll start tomorrow, with a check on the playground I’m going to use, today. I’m going to film two pieces, first: The Basketball Star and the Demagogue. What sucks is that I’m a bit out of shape, which always tells me that I need to remain in shape, as I don’t know what types of physical work I’ll be doing for my pieces. I’m very excited and have to make some good aesthetic decisions, but I think it will work out, well. I’m also planning on reducing the pieces to black and white. Firstly to follow in the tradition of older films, secondly to manage the lighting and color, as I think color, in this case, would be too much. Or, I’ll desaturate it very very much. I also have to shoot on cloudy days, so that the lighting is even. This is why Winter is so important.

Lunch at Digg Inn, Tribeca
Lunch at Digg Inn, Tribeca

Otherwise, I had a fine day. The Queer Theory class was canceled, and I still have to write an essay for it. I wish that there were an “essay generator” online where I could fill in some words and it would put out some gobbledygook. I’ll figure it out.

It has also been a challenging time for many of my peers at the school. The recent Presidential election put most of my classmates in a tailspin of revolt and self-doubt. Many seemed to interrupt their entire practices to begin work around protest and resistance. I think that’s a wonderful action, and it’s extremely important that many people protest and show opposition to a potential despot. At the same time, I imagine that if the election resulted in another winner, everyone would have blissfully continued with whatever they were doing before the results.

Trying on a "Mime" look...
Trying on a “Mime” look…

This all puts into relief the current role of the artist in relation to society and politics. It’s a challenging position for a person to exist, and I’m still grappling with how an artist should relate to current political developments. On that point, I feel that one shouldn’t “drop everything” in terms of one goal because one’s political aspirations were derailed. More to come on this subject.

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