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Make-Ups and Sessions

I’ve been working on my application for “Session,” a residency at a non-profit called Recess, in SOHO.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Afternoon Walk Music: "The Robots" by Kraftwerk
Afternoon Walk Music: “The Robots” by Kraftwerk

Today was, more or less, a productive day.  I am, of course, prepared NOT to get it, as with all things for which you apply, but now — in school — is the time to start trying. It’s a bit of a pain, applying for things. Especially when one is expected to get references or recommendations from mentors, etc. I made a quick letter and sent it to three or four faculty members, just to get their permission to have them as references. In a way, I should make sure to inquire from MANY people about being references. I also have to keep compiling my list of people who have visited my studio. Sometimes I’m shy to get contact information, but maybe that’s not the correct approach.

I started the day with the walk and then completed my blog post. I need to be sure to take more pictures, as a blog without pictures is a tad dull. I’m pleased that I’m keeping diligent with keeping up the blog, although to this point I still have NO readers or interaction. That’s fine. I’m simply getting into the routine and discipline of it. In fact, I don’t feel like writing for other classes, like this “Queer Theory” class, but I have to. I’ll just try to understand the readings and do a brain fart on the keyboard to have something turned in.

Theatrical Makeup Products: I May Need Then For The Next Videos...
Theatrical Makeup Products: I May Need Then For The Next Videos…

I had two studio visits, yesterday, along with an “Internal Open Studio” with persons in the Art History department. It was pleasant to have some people come through and look at the work. It’s always interesting how the interactions operate, with different people. It’s very much like an art fair, where some will engage and others will gloss through. It’s important to understand how to interact with the guests. Generally, it’s best to leave them alone, or at some point — if they seem remotely interested — that they can ask questions, if they like. I had a few people who asked some pertinent questions, so it was good to have that engagement. I hope that perhaps some will come back for a longer studio visit. I think that screens and video are attractive in that way, so it needs to stay as part of my practice, with the obverse of that being it’s hard to get to the 2D components of my practice.

Playground of the Americas on 6th Avenue: Research for next project...
Playground of the Americas on 6th Avenue: Research for next project…

I had a make-up visit with a visiting artist in the afternoon. This session went a bit more comfortably than the first. The visitor was less “demanding” and had more reasonable suggestions, although she kept insisting she wanted “more.” She gave me some good ideas. I need to get back with her today.

My second visit was with the Chair of the Visual Arts department, and it was also productive. I showed him my progress on the “Prospective Objects” series and he liked it. He also suggested that I try to help people understand my Englyph work, as that is a project in and of itself. He’s right: I’m so used to Englyph, but many people — most, that is — are not familiar with it. He suggested that I take time to do an “Englyph 101” exhibition, which is a good idea. I need to look at the printing at the school and perhaps make my first set of cards as the “ABC’s” of Englyph and move forward from there.

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