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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I have been bedeviled by technical issues, recently.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I’m headed uptown to prepare for some schoolwork as well as a couple of studio visits. This was a fine weekend. I was frustrated by the fact that my WordPress-powered site was showing egregious errors when the site was loaded. All of the problems seemed to stem from a faulty update to the program. It was especially annoying to me because I don’t at all want to deal with the technical aspects of the system. I just want to write these five hundred words a day, add my pictures and move on. I have many things to do and think about, and technical issues are not my favorite.

Morning Walk Music: "1984" by David Bowie
Morning Walk Music: “1984” by David Bowie

In the same vein, I was looking back at old files for some of my work and found that one of my external hard drives was not functioning. Worse yet, it was the drive that serves as a main archival piece for my old digital artwork. It’s extremely important that I take care of this work, so I need to think about how to safeguard it, more effectively.

Class Readings: "The Forms of Wildness: Archeology of an Idea"
Class Readings: “The Forms of Wildness: Archeology of an Idea”

I found a place on 34th street that deals with disk recovery. One really can’t help but trust what these companies recommend — and how much they charge for the work. It is a pretty penny that I will spend recovering these files, but at least they have been recovered. Next time I can spend less money my making sure that I buy fresh storage devices and re-load all of the materials onto them. Working digitally is great in that the work is always “fresh” and accessible, but one must take care to assure that the files will be safe and maintained.

Preparing to watch Franois Truffaut's L'Enfant Sauvage
Preparing to watch Franois Truffaut’s L’Enfant Sauvage

I went to the Butler Library as part of a class assignment for my “Queer Theory and New Materialism” class. I volunteered to do a presentation, today about the readings and accompanying film. We read about the notion of “wildness” as well as raising a child, in writings by Rousseau, which I honestly couldn’t get into. I also was required to what a film called “L’Enfant Sauvage” by Francois Truffaut. What a handsome French man! The film was based on a real-life late eighteenth-century case in which a pubescent boy was found in the wilds of France and was adopted by a doctor who made it his duty to “civilize” the young man. The tale had a happy ending.

47/50 F Train Subway Stop
47/50 F Train Subway Stop

I had two studio visits. One was from the current Film curator at MoMA, which is kind of crazy, to think that I had that person’s attention, for a while. He enjoyed the visit and we had a good conversation. The next was the head of the New Genres department at the school, and I was so pleased to have her visit. It had been a long time for that to happen, so I was pleased. She also enjoyed the work, and I’m glad to have shared with her. She also asked some pertinent questions from a “feminist” point of view, so I appreciated her comments.

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