Visit to the ISCP in Brooklyn

Studio Visits in Brooklyn

Today I’m headed to Brooklyn.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I’m going to visit the ISCP, which stands for the “International Studio & Curatorial Program.” I’m going to visit an artist who I met, quite tangentially, on Facebook. Did I even meet him? Barely. He was just a name that showed up and perhaps we had some mutual friends so I accepted his friend request. In any case, he approached me at the Tenth Magazine event at PS1 on December 11th. He is from France and currently lives in Toronto, although his art travels have taken him many places.

Visit to the ISCP in Brooklyn
A visit to the ISCP in Brooklyn

I walked to 6th Avenue and 14th Street and took the Brooklyn-bound L train to Grand Avenue and then took a short walk to Metropolitan Avenue, upon which the ISCP resides. The visit was enjoyable. He took a good hour and a half to talk about his art, and then encouraged me to do the same. By that time I was a bit exhausted and suggested that he visit Columbia so that I could talk about my work. I didn’t want to spend THAT much time, there, especially given that I was mostly listening and not conversing, but that was perfectly fine. He wouldn’t be the first artist who just talks a lot.

I had a late lunch (for me) and then traveled back to Manhattan. A good portion of my day was done doing research. Then later in the day, I headed back up to campus to have dinner (sushi) and attend an opening for a show at the school’s art gallery.

Visit to the ISCP in Brooklyn
Visit to the ISCP in Brooklyn

I invited a woman who I met in 2016 and is planning to apply to Columbia. I am more than happy to help the woman. I really hope that she makes it in. It is, of course, both competitive and NOT competitive. So much subjectivity and arbitrariness are involved in art school admissions. I’d like to believe that I got in because I worked quite hard in my years before school. If the quality and quantity of my peers’ work is any indication, I would like to believe that my getting in was more a matter of persistence and actual work, than any “promise.” I already showed my promise to get in, and I’m attempting to keep up to that.

Art Opening at School
Art Opening at School

On another note, I love the strange interactions I can have with my school peers. As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, there is a marked difference between the first and second year students at the school. The second years are, on average, younger and act more like typical “Art School” students. A little more insecure and self-consciously “weird.” Our class, on the other hand, skews older and more directed, cool and self-confident. More like real people. It’s interesting. More about this, later.

Morning Walk Music: "Never My Love" by The Association
Morning Walk Music: “Never My Love” by The Association

I need to make sure that I think of my class readings carefully. I need to print them out a week before and chip away at them bit by bit. Reading right before class is never comfortable and never works. I also have some writing to do, so I’ll start thinking of that, as well.

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