Night Walk Music: "MLK" by U2. In honor of MLK Jr. Day, 2017

First Day of Second Semester

I had a beautiful, long break, and now it’s time to be over.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2016

I like the idea of cataloging my days in school, and I’ll stick with that. I’m not sure just how interesting my life is, outside of school, and it’s not the focus of the blog. So, suffice to say I had a wonderful time of vacation: A time in which I successfully thought of new ideas and it’s up to me to implement them. Scary, a bit, but it’s okay!

My break was almost TOO good. I enjoyed it too much. Now I’m being thrown back into the fray of papers and reading and assuring that I have new projects done. I’m excited about this Spring 2017 semester and it’s time to go bigger: to begin to make some sort of a name in the community, here. Again, scary but doable.

New Moustache
New Moustache!

I’ve also changed my look up, a bit. New semester, new look. I’ve grown a feeble attempt at a mustache and I can’t be completely confident on how it looks, but I wanted to do it. It’s sort of The-Beatles-during-Sergeant-Pepper look. I’ll shave it off, eventually, too, but for now, it’s cute.

I have plans for how I’m going to try to get more out in the world. One of my big ideas is to create postcards or cards with unique images. This ventures into the realm of what are known as ‘Trading Cards,’ so, how can I really capitalize on this?

First Day Of Class: New Building
First Day Of Class: New Building

I’m headed back downtown after my first “full” Tuesday. The class that I chose as y elective is a bit more amorphous and tougher, in some ways. I could look for other classes, but I would want them to be on a Tuesday, anyway, so we’ll see if there are other options.

I need to get back into the “swing” of things, after such a luxurious break. I could float along all the time but it’s over, now, and time to get serious about achieving my next projects. I’m continuing with my theme of games and I need to keep pushing OUT OUT OUT of the studio!

I’m also planning on delving further into my Englyph series. Of course, Englyph is the writing system I developed in 2010(!) as a response to what I saw as an anemic text-based art milieu. If I haven’t mentioned it before, the work “Englyph” is a conflation of the terms, “English” and “Hieroglyphics.”

Morning Walk Music: "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson
Morning Walk Music: “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson

I also need to get in touch with my contacts from this past semester. It’s January 17th, one day after MLK Day, and the first of my class days.

Speaking of classes, my new elective is called something like “Queer Theory and New Materialism.” I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t choose the classes because I’m particularly interested in them. I chose a Tuesday class because Tuesday is early in the week and it’s also the day of my other “academic” class, Critical Issues. This time, the Critical Issues class features both the first and the second year classes, which is quite unwieldy, in terms of size, but should be fine.

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