MoMA PS1 Announcement: December 10, 2016

Always The Back Door… But It’s A Door

One of the more exciting developments as of late is that I was invited to participate in a talk at MOMA PS/1.

December 8, 2016

A lot of it came as a surprise to me, as usually happens in my circumstances. The story started while I was still in San Francisco in June. I received and email from a man representing a publication called The Tenth Magazine. The 10th is a magazine that focuses on queer men of color. I think it’s fantastic that there would be a publication that focuses on this group of people, after so many decades, if not centuries, of being ignored.

Morning Walk Music: "Enough!!" by A Tribe Called Quest
Morning Walk Music: “Enough!!” by A Tribe Called Quest

At the time I was contacted by the magazine, I was packing my San Francisco house, and preparing to move to New York City. My boxes were nearly all packed and neatly stacked in the living room. This, in actuality, is where most of the pictures of me were taken. I hope that the Vuitton roofer was talented enough, and a proficient enough editor, to find a suitable picture of me for the publication. Naturally, I wasn’t able to sign off on any of the images, but I must admit that I gave the photographer free reign in his choice of images.

That interview took place quite a while ago, it was an enjoyable and engaging afternoon, and I hoped to stay in touch with the magazine staff for my move to New York. I found it difficult to keep in touch with them when I moved here to New York, as is usually the case. Happily, they invited me to a symposium at a hotel at some point in mid-October, so I was able to reconnect with them. Finally, more recently, and I did note this in an earlier post, they had me conduct a follow-up interview with another member of the staff.

Tree at Washington Square
Tree at Washington Square

The second interview was extremely interesting, as the interviewer was well-versed in the history and world of Contemporary Art. I’m wondering on what she decided to focus upon in her writing. It will be interesting to see. Warhol said something to the effect of — and I’m sure this is a misquote: “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” I suppose this is both true and false, but it is what it is. The conundrum of any attention in the art world is that I don’t really want the fawning attention, I would like people to focus on the work. But in order for people to even LOOK at the work, one already has to have some level of “celebrity.” And I can tell that that will be the most difficult part for me to achieve. We’ll see, but I’ll take this, and I’ll absorb it.

So, now, finally, things are ready to move forward. I’ve been coordinating with the curatorial assistant (!) at the museum, and we’re working towards showing my “Casual Cruelties” cycle at the event. I do hope this part will go through, as it will be helpful in getting more eyes on the work.

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