Holiday Cheer on 125th Street, NYC

Cleaning and Critique

Today was a particularly domestic and administrative day.

53rd Street and 5th Avenue E/M Station, NYC: Down the Escalator
53rd Street and 5th Avenue E/M Station, NYC: Down the Escalator

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I started with my walk and was then determined to finish a number of important tasks before I caught a film that I hoped to see before it leaves the theater.

There is a film festival to which my classmates and I were invited, and since I have (mostly) completed the “Casual Cruelties” series, I thought that I should enter the piece, although I’m not certain that it translates well outside of a “video art” paradigm. In any case, I strung the nine vignettes together and made a “film” of it. I had to have a password protected video screener, which forced me to purchase a subscription to Vimeo for sixty dollars, a slight irritation.

While preparing those materials, I also did routine domestic tasks like washing clothes and cleaning the house. I love hardwood floors, but they can get quite muddled, with the little “dust bunnies,” as they are called. There is most certainly a satisfaction that comes with cleaning the house: A new beginning, of sorts, and it’s most necessary.

I equivocated a bit but finally settled on going to the movies, once those errands were done. I jetted up to the 34th Street cinema and sat for the 1:55 pm showing of the film Arrival. It is a science fiction tale centering around a translator, portrayed by actress Amy Adams. The film was extremely quiet, save for the blare of air fighter jets, alien bleeps or other machines in the narrative. I found myself falling asleep a number of times but I enjoyed the movie if my frequent nods made me miss the plot at times.

After the film, there was just enough time to take the number. One train uptown to participate in my group critique. There were two of us scheduled for this evening, and the entire session which started at about 5:30 PM was about 2 1/2 hours. Although the faculty leader of this session tends to allow the conversation to run a bit long, I was pleased with the conversation that we had about my work. I certainly can’t make any claim to be as interesting with EVERY project I do, but all should be good.

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