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Semiotics of a Tuesday

There’s so much to say about today that I’m going to split it into two posts.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2016

It was a long but interesting day and night. The day started with me waking up and performing my morning walk ritual. I started quite early, leaving the house before 6:45 AM. I got home and ate yogurt after clumsily dropping the yogurt container on the floor. I hope that accident won’t help to hasten the yogurt going bad.

I left the house at about 10 AM and went to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a doughnut. I usually eat an “Old-Fashioned,” because it’s the least adorned with sugar and other accouterments. This time, however, I opted for what I think they call a “Stick,” which is simply an Old-Fashioned but a little more crusty and larger. I took the doughnut uptown in a bag with the expectation of buying a coffee at the Starbucks in the at Barnard.

Martha Rosler in Art Criticism Class
Martha Rosler in Art Criticism Class

The Art Criticism class was interesting enough. We talked about the artist Martha Rosler, and her variegated practice. I particularly enjoyed watching the entirety of her video, “Semiotics of the Kitchen.” The grainy black and white 1975 video set up an uneasy tension between humor, domesticity, and implied violence. I also appreciated reviewing the artist’s collage pieces which contrasted the clean and comfortable middle-class a=American life with the horrors of the country’s colonial efforts, abroad.

After class, I had lunch with one of my classmates from the Art Criticism class. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant near the Columbia campus. The lunch special was serviceable, with two tasty chicken tacos rice, beans, and chips and salsa.

Talking Neoliberalism in Critical Issues
Talking Neoliberalism in Critical Issues

After lunch, I walked back to my studio and sent a few emails to contacts. I have to be sure to maintain contact with the people that I meet through Columbia. This will be crucial to the maintenance and development of my network when I leave school.

Not long after my email chores, it was time for me to attend my Critical Issues class. The class featured a lively discussion about a number of topics including whether our art school environment is competitive. I argued that if the students were competitive with each other in relation to the art world, the analogy would be closer to golf than track and field.

Visiting Artist Lecture Discussion
Visiting Artist Lecture Discussion

I reminded my colleagues that we could only do the very best with our work and create from the heart. Like the game of golf, once the ball is “hit,” The driver of the ball has no control over where it lands. One can train oneself how to direct and guide one swing but other factors such as weather and terrain and the driving skill of the player are other factors that contribute to success in making a hole or the failure to do so.

The day hadn’t yet finished, and I’m glad that I pulled through, although it wasn’t terribly difficult. I’m going to break up the description of today’s events because there’s no class, tomorrow, and I won’t have as much to say.

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