A View from PS1, Long Island City, NYC

Weekend Update: Daytime Animals

Saturday found me coming back from my short trip.

PS1, Long Island City, NYC
PS1, Long Island City, NYC

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I took the M 60 bus from LaGuardia to 125th St. It was about 10 AM and I considered eating lunch at Popeyes at the corner of eighth Avenue and 125th St. As usual that location was slow and full of odd, indecisive people, So I took the A-Train back downtown to 23rd St. and ate at the Popeyes there.

Mark Leckey at PS1, Long Island City, NYC
Mark Leckey at PS1, Long Island City, NYC

After that, I went home and relaxed a bit I made sure to wash my bed sheets and clothes so they would be ready for the new week. I generally took things easy and continue to edit my videos. In order to get out and see some art, even for just a little bit, I took the train to Long Island city to visit PS1. There were a number of shows there but by the time I arrived and began wandering the galleries, I realized I wasn’t in the mood to look at art.

I checked out I show by British artist Mark Leckey. His type of art is not my favorite in that it seems quite scattered and lacking in a cohesive or interesting aesthetic, but he is the artist receiving the retrospective, so there’s not much that I can say.

23rd Street - Ely Avenue, Long Island City, NYC
23rd Street – Ely Avenue, Long Island City, NYC

I took the E train back home and was determined to stay in my apartment for the rest of the evening. I continued to work and relaxed around the house. There wasn’t much on television, but in the on demand section of my cable provider service, I found The Australian film, Animal Kingdom. It had been a film that I would have liked to see in the theater but happened to miss. The Australian accents were so thick and indecipherable, I had to turn on the closed captioning for the remainder of the film. Miraculously I went to bed before 11 PM on Saturday night.

Sunday I woke up with the intention of meeting my friend for some type of social activity. I took an early walk on the High LineĀ and then came home to continue my heading. It was arranged that I would have a late afternoon studio visit with a person from the publication called the 10th. After some back-and-forth, I arrived at the school and the interviewer, who I thought would be an African-American male, was, in fact, a very nice and enthusiastic Asian woman.

The Angelika Movie Theater, Houston Street, NYC
The Angelika Movie Theater, Houston Street, NYC

The two of us enjoyed a lengthy and engaged chat about art and politics and other interests. In some ways, it was fortuitous that I would conduct this interview on Sunday, as I planned to premier all of the nine of my casual cruelties videos. Upon setting up for the videos, however, I noted that, by some technical or formatting error, three of my older videos were not displaying correctly. It was good that this Sunday interview served as a trial run, because I have other important studio visits this week, and I’m glad that I could catch the errorĀ before I embarrass myself in front of so-called “important people.”

At the end of the interview, at about 5 PM, I escorted the woman out into the brisk weather and took the train back downtown. We exchanged warm well-wishes and hoped to interact socially again soon. By that time, I was ready to take in the second film of the weekend. This time I went to the Angelika theater on Houston street to view designer Tom Ford’s new film, Nocturnal Animals. The film was stylish and intrigued me all the way up until the rather blunt , Unsatisfying and inexplicable ending. After the movie, I went home and relaxed, preparing for the next day.

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