R.I.P Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC

We’re All Veterans

Here’s to remembering those who served our country on this Veterans’ Day.

R.I.P Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC
R.I.P Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC

Friday, November 11, 2016

It’s Friday and I’m still thinking about what I want to do for the Open Studios. We got an official “don’t open your doors” email from the faculty to the first years. I’m still figuring ways to get around it, including a trip to B&H to look for the tiniest monitors I can find — monitors that I can hang on the outside if a closed door. I’m just this serious about this!

I was able to slip into B&H minutes before they closed shop for the Shabbat. I bought two iPod Nanos, which I will likely return, at $145 per iPod. I’m hoping I can make the pieces both discrete and noticeable. I’m actually a little excited and a little transgressive. The school doesn’t really, really encourage free, free expression, and neither do the other students. It’s interesting how generational things are, as I think students a couple of generations ago were cultural Hell-raisers. I kinda want to do that in my own passive-aggressive-queen way.

Morning Walk Music: "Ventura Highway," by America
Morning Walk Music: “Ventura Highway,” by America

So, at this point, I’m going to put a board up across the door and hang the iPods on the door, and then drill holes in the wood just so things are little peep holes.

I also volunteered to organize the food for a party to follow the Open Studios, on Sunday. The other organizer and I had a conversation about doing something “unique” and/or “different,” but ultimately, I settled on the pizza restaurant with which the school has a relationship. The school gave me a voucher which I can simply offer to the delivery man. We had a budget of $230.00, so I hope that we got the right kinds of pizza for everyone.

I spent a good amount of time working on editing my “Casual Cruelties” series. I’ve been on the fence about trying to exhibit it on Sunday, but I have, at least, kept working at making it happen.

Ribeye Steak at Momofuku Nishi, NYC
Ribeye Steak at Momofuku Nishi, NYC

It was a pretty simple day. I went uptown to get the invoice from the School of the Arts office, only to find that the assistant had sent me a copy of it. That’s okay, as it’s difficult — or at least inconvenient — to print things at home.

We planned to go to the movies, to see the film, Arrival, but then opted for something more sedate, with a trip to a new branch of the Momofuku chain of restaurants on 8th avenue in Chelsea. In actuality, the menu is different from the other locations. It is more European-focused in the food selections, which is curious for a place known as a Japanese restaurant. In any case, the food was excellent and was a cap to a nice night.

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