Studio: Preparing for next video: November 9, 2016

Final Shoot Preparations

I told myself that I was simply going to go to bed on Tuesday night and certainly not watch the election results on television.

Studio: Preparing for next video: November 9, 2016
Studio: Preparing for next video: November 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For some reason, that didn’t keep me from not sleeping well. History already knows who won the Presidential Election of 2016, so I won’t give the name power. That’s what shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It’s over now and we have to hope that significant parts of the World won’t be destroyed, but we shall see. I’m somewhat sad to be around for it.

I talked to one of my classmates and he noted that the election results made what we do as artists seem meaningless or irrelevant in some way, but I argued that it was not true. Artists are trying to bring something new into the world. If they are smart and lucky, they can bring joy. Given the number of hateful and destructive people in the world, what we do is positively saintly.

Studio: Preparing for next video: November 9, 2016
Studio: Preparing for next video: November 9, 2016

I woke up this morning, still early because I hadn’t really slept. I was annoyed at the news media for using the words, “stunning,” “surprised” and “upset,” as it certainly wasn’t the latter nor the middle term. I was more or less prepared for the outcome, giving my history of living in California, which every year seems to include some right-wing-supported referendum on the ballot — many of which end up passing. It seems that others, including my partner, were shocked and dismayed,whereas I was simply dismayed.

Some of the other shocked people were my classmates, who skipped out on a class critique of which I was the subject. They decided to attend a demonstration, which I feel is pointless, at this point. The “decision” was made and now we have to contend with the results. Although I admire that my colleagues made a stand, they did so while disregarding their duties as students and their duty to show up for their classmates.

Since the group’s critique was canceled, I thought it would be best to take the afternoon and evening to work, prepare and help. First, I took the F train to Red Hook, Brooklyn to visit the Ikea store. My friend had asked me to purchase four cheap folding chairs and an office lamp, for him. I figured that for me to make that effort would be the perfect favor trade for him to help me film my video. Excellent, all around.

It took a good while to get out to this area. It was a gray day and the place is only a little desolate, filled with garages, production houses, and old industrial structures. It makes sense that the cavernous Ikea would make an outpost in this area. I also wonder how much this place was affected by the hurricane of a few years back. I carried the four loose chairs and the lamp in my backpack. It seemed a little impractical for my friend to want the materials from such a far away and inconvenient store, but perhaps he knew something I didn’t or preferred a particular style, in the furnishings.

I dropped the materials off at my friend’s place, got take out Italian food and then thought to return to school to set up my last shot. My friend will be at the studio tomorrow, to help.

I took the train back up to the studio to prepare for the final shoot.

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