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Ducks and The Kitchen

I’ve now been making a new habit of documenting one of the songs on my morning walk. It’s a fun little touch, given that I’ve been taking morning walks for years and years, now.

Morning Walk Music: "Court and Spark" by Joni Mitchell
Morning Walk Music: “Court and Spark” by Joni Mitchell

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I woke up on Saturday a bit later, as I stayed up a bit on Friday night (not too late). I took my morning walk along the High Line, always enjoying the brisk morning and my music.

I had brunch on Saturday with my friend,  his partner and a colleague of his from school. My friend is in the Visual Arts MFA program at Hunter college, which is a good program. It differs from Columbia in that it is a three-year program which is, according to my friends, the reason they chose it. I suppose it’s true that it would be nice to be in school for three years, but maybe not. I suppose it’s better to concentrate one’s experiences so that life outside of school can commence. To each his (or her) own.

Speaking of my friend, I really need him or someone who has been intimate with my body to help me film my last piece, which is “outré,” as my partner commented. It involves a long and somewhat thick piece of candy on a stick, at which I will leave that description. I noted to him that I’d be willing to help him prepare for his own “open studios,” if he needed.

Sondra Perry Installation at The Kitchen
Sondra Perry Installation at The Kitchen
Sondra Perry Installation at The Kitchen
Sondra Perry Installation at The Kitchen

After Saturday’s brunch, I accompanied my friend and his classmate to the gallery area in Chelsea. I didn’t want to see much, as I felt compelled to do some work at home, but I did see the work of another graduate of Columbia, at the Kitchen non-profit space. For better and worse, I’ve seen a lot of work recently that features a video or set of videos with random clips, often culled from social media and streaming video sites like Youtube. The work’s tone and theme are simply set by the “type” of random videos that the artist chose to curate. In the case of a number of African-American female artists, I’ve seen this same trope play out perhaps too many times. It bores me. I saw this video curation, mostly featuring African-Americans in modes of protest or entertaining or sports, in the installations of M. T., S. P, and M. S. To me, this idea is already cliché — and just a little bit lazy — but the institutions seem to love it, so what do I know?

The Chef's Counter at Le Coq Rico, NYC
The Chef’s Counter at Le Coq Rico, NYC

I went home and worked a bit — mostly trying to research how I can begin promoting this blog effectively. One step at a time, but I will be spending some part of the day doing that very research.

Duck Breast at Le Coq Rico, NYC
Duck Breast at Le Coq Rico, NYC

Saturday evening my partner and I went to a new favorite restaurant, called Le Coq Rico. It is a branch of a place that we have visited a couple of times in the Montmartre section of Paris and is also connected to a restaurant on the Ile Saint-Louis, called Mon Veil Ami. The food is scrumptious, although one cannot be a vegetarian, and one must also love poultry. We had a delicious duck breast for the main course, and it was so rich with a thick, savory, buttery duck skin. Yum! A nice way to celebrate Saturday.

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