116th Street # 1 Stop

Being Bad… A Little

I’m enjoying keeping up with my daily blog, but now it’s time to move forward, especially in terms of getting the word out.

116th Street # 1 Stop
116th Street # 1 Stop

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This includes filling out all of the annoying “profile” materials which, of course, I have to do. If I can, I’ll take the time on the plane to organize any writing projects that need the profile filling and get that out of the way.

I have to go back to the Apple Store at Grand Central to pick up my computer. I’m only a tad annoyed, because I bought a new one in anticipation of not being able to get my old computer and before I expected it — and in time for my trip — the computer became available. Now I have two computers when I would have been fine with one, especially given that I have some monetary apportions that could be better placed (eg on this blog promotion). Again, this is life.

Art Criticism class, October 18, 2016
Talking about Robert Smithson

In Art Criticism, today, we’re talking about Robert Smithson. We watched a video with him and Nancy Holt, another Land artist.

I just thought that maybe I’ll call my video series “Cat O’ Nine Tales or: Casual Cruelties.” That pretty much entails everything I’d like to,say in this series. I also want to GET IT DONE as fast as possible, and should have it ready (and promoted) for the open house on November 13th. Good idea. Or, taking the puns out of the title, how about “Nine Casual Cruelties.” Maybe then I can even take the “nine” out.

I’m being a bit bad, but I’m going to skip the Artist Lecture Series, tonight. As it is, I need to prepare to get to the West coast. It will probably be interesting but whatever. No big deal.

Critical Issues Class, October 18, 2016
Critical Issues Class, October 18, 2016

Also, I’ve learned that November 13th is Open Studios, so I had better be prepared for it. I have less than a month, so I  need to strategize and execute. It would be great to be done with my cycle. I think I’m going to call it “Casual Cruelties,” which is a great encapsulation of the themes.

Ha! Look how I’ve repeated myself in this post! It’s both funny and disturbing, but it also helps fulfill my at-least-500-word quota for the blog, so I’ll keep it in.

It’s funny: I asked two of my second-year colleagues their best advice for a first year. “What did you wish you had known in first year, that you know now?” One encouraged me to “take my time” and not give in to the pressures of having to produce for every new visitor. The other wished she had done more work during her first year. I’m splitting the difference and working quickly while also only showing new work. I know how to produce, so I’ll keep doing that, and hope to finish my nine (or ten) videos in preparation for November 13th.

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