Cauliflower, Greens, Curry, Fish in bowl

Weekend Update: Lines, Photos, Veggie Chili

This was a busy weekend. What’s new?

Cauliflower, Greens, Curry, Fish in bowl
Saturday Lunch: Less Judging

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I took a long walk on the High Line in the morning, enjoying my new custom of Dunkin Donuts coffee with some sort of creamy sweetener and an “old fashioned” donut.

I did a lot of editing on video #5, and as I mentioned, I haven’t done any work on #4, yet, but I’m assuming it’s going to be a bit easier to manage.

International Center of Photography
International Center of Photography on Bowery Avenue

Later I took a walk with my friend Carter and met my San Francisco friend Peter at the International Center for Photography. There was a large exhibition at the venue with some things that were brilliant and some far from it.

The photos featured in Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup
The photos featured in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blowup

I had received a text from a classmate who invited me to a party at his uptown apartment. I would have absolutely loved to go, except for the fact that the party began at 10 pm. I really want to stay engaged with my classmates, but that hour is just too late, for me, not to mention the fact that it would take a long time to get both up- and downtown in the evening on a weekend.

"Public, Private, Secret" at International Center of Photography
“Public, Private, Secret” at International Center of Photography

Today has gone slower than I wanted and it’s making me nervous. I’m headed back downtown from the studio after setting up the shots for video #6. Because I’m going out of town on Wednesday, I arranged with my Tasker friend to meet me at 9am on Monday morning, so that I can get done with that filming. That will give me four more to complete. Before the semester is out? Who knows? I’m really trying to get this all together and it’s challenging. It doesn’t help on a slow Sunday.

First, I walked the High Line and got a coffee and donut at the Dunkin Donuts at the top of the High Line on 34th street. Then I continued to edit the fifth video (althoughyin I haven’t worked on #4, just yet). After a bit I venture out for brunch at Popeye’s on 23rd street and 8th avenue. I then walked to B&H on 34th and 9th avenue, pretty much where I had been earlier in the day. That’s when the delays started: B&H is in the midst of the Jewish holidays, which they take very seriously, so the store was scheduled to be closed for the next week, or so. In addition, they have been closed for the past few days, including Saturday, so everyone — including me — was primed to shop. Unfortunately, the stressed systems made the waits longer than usual.

Bruce Nauman, "Contrapposto Studies, i through vii" at Sperone Westwater
Bruce Nauman, “Contrapposto Studies, i through vii” at Sperone Westwater

I also realized — although this was less realization than confirmation — that many people are self-centered and selfish. So many people were acting as if they were the only ones being held up with inconvenience and frustration. Many were attempting to seem ‘special,’ as if they were not, in fact, one of the many customers huddled, cattle-like, through the commercial limes and stalls.

Busy at B&H Photo
Busy at B&H Photo

I finally escaped the store with my goods and journeyed to the studio. There, I set up for my next video. I had the vague idea that perhaps I would be able to finagle two videos out of one session, but the physical contortions I performed to set up the shots took much longer, again, than I expected. I spoke to both my parents and an independent curator in San Francisco with whom I have a very special bond.

On the note of the party to which I was invited on Saturday, I need to learn to be quiet about such invitations, because they might not be for everyone. I ran into the roommate of the man who invited me to the party, along with another woman. I asked him about the party, and he became somewhat defensive, claiming that it wasn’t HIS party, but his roommate’s. The problem is that not everyone had been invited (as it seemed the other woman hadn’t), so I have to be careful. Of course, there are things to which I’m not getting invited, as well. Fair enough.

After setting up the shot, I rode back home and relaxed somewhat with some tortilla chips and salsa. At the same time I wrote entries for this very blog, for which I dearly need to catch up and begin to promote.

Later I went to a friend’s home for dinner. His wife, the cook, is vegetarian, so we enjoyed a hearty vegetable chili. Their other guests were a couple, the husband of which is a professor at Columbia, so that was an interesting connection.

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