Chandelier: Apple Store, Grand Central

Thanks For Fridays

Today is the last day of the Mentor Week and in a way, I can’t be glad enough for it to end.

Apple Store, Grand Central
Apple Store, Grand Central

Friday, October 14, 2016

To be sure, this has nothing to do with the school or the instructor, who has been fantastic.  It’s simply that I want to get more work done. I have to stay on a schedule if I’m to have good work for my shows, etc.

I got up this morning and didn’t take a walk. Firstly, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get right back to sleep, so I looked at my computer for a bit. I woke up at 7:30 am, which in any other case would have been late, but because I went to sleep past 11:30 pm,  it made sense for me to “sleep in.”

Today, happily, we didn’t have to get in a van, as we did Wednesday. Instead, the group met in Chelsea to look at the current shows. Our mentor is successful enough to be represented by a major New York gallery, so I do appreciate his (sometimes jaundiced) opinion. That said, he is not at all a negative person. I was somewhat unsatisfied with the week, so far, preferring to call it “Field Trip” week instead of “Mentor” week. I craved some one on one attention.

On a  segment of our walk along the High Line, I noted how I wished I could get some more personal attention. I suggested that we meet separately from the group, which he resisted. He encouraged discussion one on one as we visited the various galleries and art spaces. I suppose I was all right, with that. We chatted and I asked various questions, and was satisfied with his answer.

He noted, generally, that success in the art world is a “game of chance and skill.” He noted artists such as Matthew Barney and Jacolby Satterwhite as personal examples of people who were engaged with the community, friendly, devoted to their practices and hard working.

Annoyingly enough, this morning, my computer began to act irreparably harmed, so I was forced to make an appointment at an Apple store. I chose the location at the Grand Central terminal, because the 2:30 time slot would be just right for me to visit Chelsea, have lunch and then head for repair.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Much to my chagrin at the Apple store, I was told that the hard drive of my three and a half year-old laptop needed replacing. The attendant noted that he was not sure when I would get the computer back, and as I’m traveling next week, I realized it would be best to buy a new model.

Chandelier: Apple Store, Grand Central
Beautiful fixture at the Apple Store, Grand Central

After all the rigamarole of diagnosis of my old computer and the purchase of the new one, I then had to go home and prepare for the final Mentor week event, which was a visit to a bar and winery owned by a Columbia MFA graduate. I suppose that the mentor wanted us to see the options of what a “practice” could look like, after school. The winery was in an out of the way section of Bushwhack, Brooklyn (are any parts of Bushwick “in” the way?). It took a few minutes to find among

Wine Bar Chat
Learning about honey wine, or “mead.”

the old, silent garages and wide, desolate streets. I was a tad annoyed that food hadn’t been suggested, so after a few glasses of “honey wine” — the bar’s specialty – I set out in search of food. I found a decent felafel take out restaurant and was pleased with the menu.

Lastly, I walked back to the bar and stayed until the Mentor was himself ready to leave. There was another colleague waiting, as well, presumably also seeking his attention. The three of us had a relaxing and deeper conversation as the night closed in. At around 10 pm, it was time to trek back to the L train Jefferson stop and then head back into the city.

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