The High Line under construction scaffolds and night lights.

Busy Thursday

I was so busy yesterday there wasn’t time or an opportunity to write.

Fellow students
Mentor Week lunch chat

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

For some reason I’m really thinking about October 15th as a date or some kind of milestone, because it’s essentially mid-semester. I really want to start promoting this blog and work on more writing. I feel nervous because it feels like time is speeding by and I’ve been just a *bit* hamstrung by obligations that I feel are only a bit silly. Again: I appreciate the opportunity to study here at Columbia and HOPE that some of the prestige that the school allegedly has will rub off on me. Still, I feel like the work is the most important aspect of this experience, and I get annoyed when I can’t focus upon it. One thing seems for sure: I will NOT to a Teaching Assistantship in the Spring. You’re supposed to get to know a teacher better, but I’m very uncomfortable about the time commitment. I already feel a bit stretched, at least mentally.

Old fashioned cocktail
Old fashioned at a bar with other grads

Now I’m rushing uptown to see if I can film video #5. It involves liquids, so I hope I can make this work. Specifically, the liquid is lemonade, which could get awfully sticky, so I need to see how I can fake things and just use water with food coloring. Heaven knows that that’s messy enough.

Headed back downtown. Ultimately, I was able to film #5, thank goodness. It took longer than I had hoped, only to the degree that the Tasker had forgotten the true date we were to meet (today) and scheduled it for another (tomorrow). I got really nervous, and tried to get resourceful by asking a classmate if he could help. Of course, he couldn’t, and that’s nothing against him. I was a bit flustered and at wit’s end, but happily the Tasker did get back in touch and, after all, he showed up a little more than an hour late. He was endlessly apologetic, but I didn’t care: I was getting the help that I needed.

I also wanted to work with this Tasker on the project, because it necessitated that I be clothed in nothing but a black jock strap, which seemed to work. Very well, for giving the appearance of my being naked without that actually being the case.

We shot the video and I’m hoping that it turned out well. Of course I’ll have to do some sort of CGI fixes on the piece; maybe the exposure, certainly getting the edges of the wall out of the way, and other issues.

Kevin Hart comedy
Catching Kevin Hart at his new film at 34th Street cinema.

Later in the day, I met with the Mentor group for lunch and we did a number of studio visits. It was interesting to see the various levels of development of my peers. Some had fully realized and finished bodies of work, while others were still experimenting with styles and concepts. I could almost already tell which artists were primed for gallery representation, especially given their looks and the marketability of the work, for one reason or another.

The High Line under construction scaffolds and night lights.
The High Line under construction scaffolds and night lights.

After the group critiques we went to a bar on Amsterdam avenue and chatted. I really wanted to relax, that night, so I agreed to meet the group the following morning for gallery-hopping and jetted back downtown for a quick dinner at the Dig Inn on Hudson street and then, after dropping my bag off at home, hustling to the 34th street cinema to see the Kevin Hart comedy concert film, What Now? It wasn’t very exciting, but after the week of obligations, it felt good. I always enjoy the cheese popcorn and cherry vanilla Coke I order to accompany the movie.

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