Altered School ID

(Literally) Whipping Into Shape

There are a few things on my “to do” list that I still haven’t executed. I need to be harder on myself.

Studio Cam: October 11, 2016
Studio Cam: October 10, 2016

Monday, October 10th, 2016

I need to be even harder on myself. I need to get business cards and some other type of postcard to get the word out and my name out. I need to finish any profiles and bios for social media, and I need to start my advertising on Facebook.

The good news is that I’ve eased myself into the pattern/habit of writing on the train and taking pictures, more often. I have also gotten more used to using WordPress and some of its features.

This was a really full day. And it was only Monday. It started at school at 10 am, as we began our “Mentor Week” with a prominent New York-based artist. Happily the group of us isn’t terribly big: I think there are no more than ten of us, a mixture of first and second-years. We gathered in the main class room and waited for the artist to arrive. He did: a British-born, now American citizen who noted that he’ll be voting in his first American election, on November 4th. He is very smart and quite friendly, and open as to what activities we chose for the week. Tomorrow, we’ll head to The Cloisters – somewhere I’ve never been. We had a ling discussion over many topics. The theme of the week is to be “A Theory of the Picture” or something like that.

In classroom with an artist mentor
Mentor Week begins with a talk about “Theory of a Picture.”

Wednesday will be a long day, because we’re going somewhere upstate. Then, when we get back, we have three group critiques that night. I don’t care who comes to my critique and I wish I weren’t expected at them, because, again, I’m not going to say anything negative or non-constructive about anyone’s work. And what ideas could I offer that would radically change or improve another person’s practice? I have to deal with this and go, so I might as well stop complaining.

After lunch at a home-style Italian restaurant, the group split and some of us went to my studio for a critique. Again, the process wasn’t bad, but we’ll see how long that lasts. We had three critiques total and then it was time to split, for the day.

Altered School ID
Altered ID for my Facebook profile…

After that, I ate a salad at Sweetgreen on Broadway and prepared for yet another critique, this time with a faculty member. They keep us going, in that regard, and it’s good.

Next was my 7:05 pm faculty visit. I was a bit intimidated by the professor, as he seemed like a very old-school painting curmudgeon. It was a surprising time, though, as it went quite well. I appreciated the things he had to say. So, so far the responses have been pretty positive. It makes me nervous only to the degree that I have to maintain this momentum, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that.

Tomorrow is another Mentor Week day, so we’ll see how that goes.

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