125th Street # 1 Station

My First Group Critique

I was about to go into a rant about how difficult it is to maintain real life relationships, but maybe I need to shut up.

Film Forum
One of my favorite repertory theaters: Film Forum

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

If I don’t go to all of the social events that I should. It’s not a good idea, and I need to get better at it. Actually, its not the social part, its the fact that it impinges on my very valuable personal time. It’s a balance, obviously, so I  had better get better at it! I’m such a loner, at heart. This is complicated.

Today I’m headed up to school to have coffee with a woman that I met at a July event at the Studio Museum. It’s fascinating how much time can pass from between when you first meet someone and you can actually meet them in real life, given everyone’s busy schedules. Lots of texts back and forth, and then the fact that the texts are asynchronous, which means one is never really sure when — or if — the other party will answer at all.

Joe's Coffee at Columbia U
Joe’s Coffee at Columbia U

In this post I’ll get a little more into my increasing comfort with blogging and Social Media. It’s late, I know, but It seems like my lot in life is to be “late” to things, but then to truly master them. This is my plan.

Otherwise, today I need to work on preparing for video #4. Can I get this set up and ready for tomorrow, Thursday, so that I can do other things on Friday? I’ll try.

Camera view of video
Preparing for a new video

I’m going to help out a friend of mine, on Friday morning. The wants to take nice installation views of some of her artworks, so I am offering her some blank wall space to hang her pictures, and we’ll take some pictures. She’s been nice to me, even interviewing me for a Web publication, so I’m thrilled to be helping her out. Then she has offered brunch, which is fine.

Sometimes, exercise can be a great way of starting the day. I should say every time, exercise is this. I started the day in not a great mood, thinking about group critique and how to manage the fact that I don’t really want people’s opinions of my work, because the work is already done in my way of operating, otherwise no one would see it.

125th Street # 1 Station
125th Street # 1 Station

So I had my first group critique and it was pretty successful! I was freaked out by the prospect but the videos I showed got a good response. I’m happy for it, and hope I can continue the quality of the work. I was both calm and uncomfortable going in, but the viewers got a lot out of the three videos I showed. They were pretty astute with the references to torture and humor and subtle criticisms of America, along with the cold formalism of the pieces. I’m pleased. At least I can get my vision across, but we’ll see where it goes.

Tomorrow I am filming my fourth video. I’m going to utilize the same Tasker from TaskRabbit that I used last time. Hopefully the prop will work out, because I’m using strawberry licorice to attempt to make a whip, of sorts. We’ll see what happens. I’m pleased that it’s moving along and I have to decide how many ore I want to do. Maybe no more than ten. But ten would be good, I’d say.

I wish, by the way, that I could take pictures during critiques of any kind, but I realize that it’s a very intimate and vulnerable space so, sadly, no pictures will emanate from that space.

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