Weekend Update: A Grey But Fascinating Day

Today is a pleasant if grey, day.

Grey skies on Greenwich street
Grey skies on Greenwich street

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I somewhat — and that somewhat is very qualified — enjoy grey days, if only as a diversion from clear, sunny ones. That said, when the grey days run on too long in succession, they become much less attractive. Cooler weather also necessitates warmer clothes, so I can finally wear my cool leather jacket. Stylin’!

Leather jacket
I love my leather jacket

I’m going to Galerie Bucholz on the Upper East Side to see a show curated by Douglas Crimp of the “Pictures” exhibition fame. This show is related to that show; I think it’s called “Before Pictures.” The gallery is an outpost of Daniel Bucholz’s Berlin space, which I visited on my one and only (so far) trip to the German city.

I also need to work on my “about” text for this site. This post may feature some of those notes.
. . .

"Before Pictures," organized by Douglas Crimp at Galerie Buchholz
“Before Pictures,” organized by Douglas Crimp at Galerie Buchholz
Still from "The Knife" (1975), by Jack Goldstein
Still from “The Knife” (1975), by Jack Goldstein
Did anyone notice that the legendary Sylvester is in this Cockettes film?
Did anyone notice that the legendary Sylvester is in this Cockettes film?
Daniel Buren's "Origin of Stripes" at Nahmad Contemporary
Daniel Buren’s “Origin of Stripes” at Nahmad Contemporary

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Before Pictures” show, Uptown. There was a plethora of memorabilia and artworks related to the mid-to-late Seventies art milieu, including a set of ten films by Jack Goldstein, one of my favorite artists. Goldstein, by the way, is such a hero to me that I base the style of my video title cards on his: a black background with the title centered in caps with “copyright (symbol) Jack Golstein” and the year below it. I also checked out a couple other galleries on Madison avenue, including a Daniel Buren shown that featured his early stripe paintings that would develop into his signature stripes.

Central Park
Grey but pretty at Central Park

After the tour of the Upper East side, I walked through Central Park on the 72nd street transverse. I passed by Strawberry Fields, the ode to John Lennon, as well as the Dakota, the building where his Lennon’s was ended and, strangely enough, the building whose exteriors were used for the film Rosemary’s Baby.

New York Film Festival
New York Film Festival

I walked to the Walter Reade theater and met a man who works as a film critic for the New York Times. He is a sharp and friendly African-American and I am thrilled that he has the type of platform that can reach a large audience of interested readers.

After the movie, I enjoyed a great, authentic Chinese dinner at a place on 6th avenue and relaxed at home.

Sunday was also a relaxed day, although I worked diligently at editing one of my videos. All of the videos needed computer generated editing, of some form, with overlays and frame-by-frame modification.

Amazingly, I didn’t visit the studio either Saturday or Sunday, but the days were filled, none the less. The editing of the videos will take a while, and I’m hoping the screens that I purchased will be helpful in conveying my vision.

I’m also thinking about having a sort of “blessing ceremony” for any person who visits my space. I think I’ll call it just that. I an pondering using the Englyph stencils to write out the name of every visitor to the room as a gift. Especially outside people.  I need to figure out some kind of medium in which I can write the names, and figure out the type of instrument I will use, whether pencil or pen and colored or monochrome. Lots to think about!

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