Towel with chocolate pudding, whipped cream and food coloring

Chocolate Pudding, Whipped Cream, Egg Foo Young.

I kind of knew that I’d wake up late, this morning. And right before a video shoot.

Towel with chocolate pudding, whipped cream and food coloring
The end of a shoot: Chocolate pudding, whipped cream and food coloring

Friday, September 30, 2016

I woke up a lot last night (1:30, 4:30) and then went to sleep again, making it more likely that I’d wake up later than I desired. Naturally, that was true, as I bolted up and the clock said 7:05. I’m supposed to be uptown at 8p and given delays (which happened) I’m cutting it horribly close. Now I’m on the crawling number one train, which stops at every street, it seems. I won’t have much time to set up, so I’m glad that I did the things I needed to, last night.

I’m always a bit nervous before shoots. I just want them to go well and get done. This is why I try to keep them pretty simple, and don’t demand much from the assistants I hire. At this point I just need to get up there. At least I’m on a train and not getting off until I arrive. This train is of course going slowly.

So I made it up to the studio and the timing wasn’t terrible.  The “tasker” I hired happened to be on the same train so we arrived simultaneously. I signed him in at 8:09 am, so not bad. We got down to the business of filming. I’m so pleased that I used three cameras, this time, as I got shots of the pies being taken away, my face being smashed with them, and the pies falling to my feet which, when the red and blue food colorings mingled, gave an amazing “American” implication, but it could be France too, I guess. The Tasker was sweet and I would work with him again, too.

After the video session — which involved pies made of chocolate pudding, whipped cream and food coloring, I was a bit sticky, so I went to the Columbia gym to wash off the morning’s work.

Columbia Gym Locker
Preparing for a nice shower at the gym

Now, I really think I’m going to take some time to chill.

I ended up relaxing a bit by having a casual lunch at an inexpensive Chinese food place on 8th avenue by my favorite movie theater:  AMC / Loew’s 34th Street Cinema. The lunch was egg foo young with vegetable fried rice (I like the peas, carrots, broccoli and onions) and an egg roll. I like the Chinese food places that dot the city, with their standardized food display signs and lunch combinations. Often, eating at any particular one is a cagey proposition, as the places are generally more designed as nodes for take out or delivery, with the eating in as an afterthought. I also feel bad about the amount of plastic and trash that is generated, especially for the eat-in crowd. All of the plastic tubs and utensils go from the counter to a table and directly into the trash, which seems like a short and wasteful journey. Still these types of food joints aren’t equipped with the ability to wash dishes, so I suppose all of this packaging is the only option.

Egg Foo Young
Egg Foo Young: Tastier than it looks

After the movie, I went to 34th street to see a film called Deepwater Horizon. The film is is just one of a million “based on true event”-type movies, this time about an oil rig explosion and fire off the coast of Louisiana in 2010. The film was bid, loud and somewhat disturbing, especially the thought of metal projectiles in an explosion and burning oil spreading itself across the Gulf of Mexico. The film was a typical Hollywood-style dramatization with Kate Hudson and Mark Walhberg as leads, but I feel it was successfully “entertaining,” if one defines that as seeing people burn and die from shrapnel and methane and oil conflagrations.

AMC Loew's 34th Street Cinema
My favorite “mainstream” movie theater in NYC

After the movie, on this rainy day, I was happy to return to the apartment and just relax. I watched some television (“The Wendy Williams Show,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars) and went to a late dinner with friends.

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