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Early Morning Painting

It’s 6:45 am and I’m headed uptown to school.
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

23rd Street #1 Stop
23rd Street #1 Stop

I’m still renting this room 248, the project room, and since I couldn’t muster much interest in my game exercise, I’ll move on and work on my stockade project. At least the completion of the construction coincided with this rental time.

Painting Room 248
Painting Room 248

I’m going up early because I have to paint the walls for any photo or video shoots I have to do, and I prefer not to be bothered. The nice thing about being a morning person is that — at least in the early part of the semester — no one will be there. The rest of the students are, after all, still kids. They stay up late and get started late, which suits me fine. I do the opposite and don’t have to contend with them. Still, I’m a little tired. I didn’t sleep well, for thinking of this all but I should be fine.

. . .

I feel pretty good! In about two hours total, I painted the long expanse of wall in room 248. Its a good looking room with good lighting, and now it’s better, with the wall nice and clean-looking. It’s true that this stockade piece needs a little more space to breathe: I’ll take photographs that highlight the isolation of this person and it looks nice and museum-y. How long will this “White Cube” style be IN style? Well, it has been since at least mid-20th Century, so why shouldn’t that continue? We’ll see. In any case, it’s done and I can sweep the space and begin shooting. The nice thing is that there’s this cool low platform that feels kind of stage-y, so I’ll run with it.

Now I’m headed back downtown. Maybe I’ll take the screens back to Best Buy and do a couple of other duties. I want to be back for a session on Adobe Premiere. Since I have access to the program, I might as well get a refresher course on it. I used Premiere in the 1990s, when it was in a much earlier version, so I hope the learning curve isn’t too steep.

Monitor boxes on subway
More stuff to lug uptown

I went back to Best Buy to return the two TVs I bought, because they didn’t play the type of video files I use. I then had to decide whether to go ahead and buy “smart” TVs and hope that they play the files. I think they do, so instead of making myself take an extra trip from Best Buy to school, I went ahead and bought the new, more expensive albeit bigger, TVs.

Adobe Premiere Class
Learning the latest Adobe Premiere

The Premiere class was somewhat distracted, but I got *just* what I needed out of it. I appreciate the instructor’s care that every question be answered and every person’s concerns addressed equally. The problem was with people whose concerns were so obviously only directed towards themselves and their very particular interests. If I had a very particular question, I’d wait for after the main session or for individual training.

After the training, I prepared for my first group critique, which I’ll talk about anon….

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