Blueprint for a wooden rack

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I said I wouldn’t lug things around, but I’m still carting objects and merchandise from some store or place to school.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Today, I bought two small nineteen-inch screens for any critiques that I might have. I was unsatisfied with the condition of the monitors the school provides, particularly their incompleteness. Stands missing, sound not on, etc. These screens were on sale for $69.00 each, which allowed me to get two, along with the necessary flash drives on which I play videos. I also want two screens because if I am working on a series, I want them to be viewed simultaneously, to stress the serial nature of the videos.

What a mistake. I know I like a “deal” and all, but really, Tim? You buy some cheap screens and don’t check their capabilities? I took the 19 in screens uptown to use during my critiques. I unwrapped and plugged one in to test it, only to notice that its USB port only accepts still photos. This was my fault, besides the fact that the screen is 720p. Actually I think that’s okay, but these machines aren’t the correct ones for me. So now, all due to my lack of diligence, I have to lug the pieces home and THEN back to Best Buy to return them. Self-annoyed.

Wing nuts
Wing nuts: The good ones
Fender washers
Washer parts for the stockades

Some of the good news of today is that I finished my stockades structure. I was noting to a studio visitor tonight that when I am working and creating I find myself in a mode of concentration that is somewhat like a trance. I enjoy that time of creation, when it seems that the world falls away and I am “busy as a bee,” deep inside of a place that is both calming and stimulating at the same time. Then when I’m done and that work is standing before me — like the piece I finished — I wonder, “Who did that?” I’m proud of myself for going outside of my comfort zone and using the wood shop, something that I haven’t done for many years. And, of course the piece “ain’t perfect, but it’s rock and roll,” to quote Brett Michaels of Poison.

Blueprint for a wooden rack
Blueprint for the wooden rack
Notes for a wooden rack
Notes for the rack

As mentioned, I had a studio visit with one of the faculty of the school. Even though the screens were the wrong type, we had many things about which we could chat. We talked about administrative issues and the ways that the “Grad Studio,” or the session that we were conducting, might change. I suppose I’m happy with any way.

Stockades with lights
Stockades with lights
Wooden stockades
Complete stockades

For some reason, I was a bit tired, last night. I did get up early and ran in the morning which, while invigorating, can also drain one’s energy by the end of the evening. Some classmates and I attended a “Debate Party” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Harlem: a new space for him. The party was a viewing event for the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Tables of hot dogs and coleslaw were presented, along with Coke and Pepsi in their signature blue and red cans, a reference to the colors associated with the Republican and Democratic parties. I prefer Coke over Pepsi, but that is the extent of my allegiance to anything “red.”

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