Brooklyn: 4th Avenue / 9th Street F/G Stop

Weekend Update

Yesterday I did not going to the studio.
Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brooklyn: 4th Avenue / 9th Street F/G Stop
Brooklyn: 4th Avenue / 9th Street F/G Stop

I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished this week, and have more to accomplish, but Saturday (not Sunday) was at least a break from that.

Instead, I’ve been looking at the connections between my blog and Facebook. Ive been very pleased (I think) with how my blog posts show up on Facebook. I’ll have to do just a little more Featured Image size checking, so that it’s not completely wonky, but it’s looking promising.

I’m also getting a bit better at this blogging thing. I know I’m a tad late, but it’s never too late to get good at something, so here I go.

Remember the woman who gave me a tour of the Lower East side galleries that I already knew, one of with whom I have already done projects? I may end up working with her, in order to secure a spot with a space in that area. I need to find out her fee for getting me space. It’s annoying, but the people didn’t answer my email and I want to arrange this sooner than later.

I was pleased, yesterday, when I went to Chelsea to visit galleries, I noted that some of the people showing had been to Columbia. Does this bode better for me? I don’t want to count on it. In any case, better to see the school on resumes than not.

Sometimes in life you should stop and smell the roses. Other times you have to stop and use the bathroom. The fortunate aspect of New York is its proliferation of hotels, and with most of those bathrooms comes the promise of a public restroom. On a bus tour of the city with my parents, once, the tour guide kept emphasizing the alleged fact that, by law, all New York City hotels have to allow the public to use the restroom. I’m pleased that it appears to be true, as I took a hasty detour here to the citizenM hotel to relieve myself.

Relief and writing
Relief and writing…

I had gone for brunch at MoMA and checked out the Bruce Conner and Kai Althoff shows that are currently taking place. My first impression of the Conner show is that he created much art that people wouldn’t necessarily associate with him.  Althoff had a show fitting with his style: paintings and drawings in his muted day-glo (is that a phrase?) coloring, all arranged around themes of odd domesticity and nostalgia. I was actually impressed by the comfy, messy, bazaar-style arrangement of the installation, which featured old dolls, furniture and appliances. It’s almost as if the work was hiding amongst the hodgepodge. Also, I must also mention the fact that Althoff’s exhibitions often feature odd-colored carpets and are subtly perfumed, as well.

I must note that in San Francisco, this weekend is devoted to the Folsom Street Fair. It’s funny how an event that hold such sway in one town means little in another. I forgot that the event was upcoming. My ease in forgetting the fair is only emblematic of my distaste for the city. I simply don’t miss San Francisco, as its arms weren’t wide enough to fully embrace all of my multi-faceted personality. I knew this from the minute I arrived, but it was worth all of the heartache and hard lessons from San Francisco to deepen and establish my relationship.

Tim with wood stand
Tim’s wood stand

I went to the studio to finish building the stands for my next project. I was pleased with it, and finishing those two stands took less than ninety minutes. That gave me time to get some work done and go back downtown for a light sushi dinner.

Analog Club, 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn
Analog Club, 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn
718 Sessions with DJ Danny Krivit
718 Sessions with DJ Danny Krivit


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