The Houston Street #1 Stop

Who Stands on Goodwill?

The Houston Street #1 Stop
The Houston Street #1 Stop

Yawn! Today I’m already on the train headed up to the studio.

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

I’m going to work with the same “tasker” from the site that I have used a number of times before. I must say that a business such as TaskRabbit has been a life-saver, for me.
I could do with more of what I call, “Goodwill,” or the desire of people and strangers to do nice things for me on their own volition. Goodwill is an immediate warmth that one can give a person, where of course our society is built so that some people receive good will and others most certainly do not.

Acts of Goodwill might include thinking of me for a job or passing my name on to another person as a recommendation. Trust, attraction, faith in another’s abilities, however untested, being thought of as a potential mate, being considered for a promotion, deciding to collaborate or go into business with another person; a feeling that says, “I’ll give this person a chance.”

What I’ve found in life is that the only thing that is a substitute for Goodwill, and extremely imperfectly, at that, is money. Money doesn’t generate Goodwill, but it can inspire action. Again, though, money can’t buy Goodwill, and some people are born with it, while others are not.

In the case of TaskRabbit, for instance, one can substitute a person who needs money for a person who might do something as a favor. Today’s Tasker (I hope) will come and help me on this project, and I don’t have to beg a “friend” or worry about reciprocation. Of course, I’ve missed out on many opportunities with people, because the right amount of Goodwill wasn’t present. This is life.

Matthew Barney at Gladstone Gallery
Chillin’ with Matthew Barney at Gladstone Gallery

Well, I finished the shoot and I would say that it was successful. Joseph, the Tasker, was friendly and helpful. He even made a good suggestion regarding order of filming. We finished everything in one take and he was on his way in less than an hour. That’s great and essential! Now I’m back on my way downtown and it would be *nice* if I could catch the Wendy Williams show — my only capitulation to pop culture. Then, I may go to the movies or I should really see an art show. One of those.

I suppose that I’m restless, because i went back home and watched Wendy Williams, which is always enjoyable. I then decided to jet to an 11:15 am movie at the 34th street cinema. With a quick jaunt to White Castle (where I haven’t been in a while) I sat for The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. I am already under enthused by Westerns, and this film didn’t disappoint, in that regard. About an hour in of  gunslinging  and awkwardly racial repartee, I walked out. I guess that my time is more valuable now — if not my money — and I’m pickier, regarding my entertainment.

. . .

Wood stands with braces
Building wood stands

Now I’m headed BACK downtown after trying to cram in some more time in the studio. Again, I accomplished something: Namely building two stands for my rack. That’s good, although I made one silly error that has rendered two of my stands asymmetrical. I suppose I’ll have to make one of the remaining two stands similar to one or the other, so that it doesn’t look completely ridiculous.

Wood stands with braces
Building stands

Still, I’m very pleased with my progress. I suppose that I want to see all of the visions in my head come to fruition in school the next part is making contacts but heaven knows how to do that.

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