Tim in the wood shop

Brace For It

This morning I’m taking the F train to Home Depot on 23rd street. I don’t think that it’s too far from where something explosive happened last Saturday.

Wednesday, September 22, 2016

There will probably be more excitement generated by mean people on the way to the city. This is life.

I actually visited Lowe’s hardware, this time. I can’t be sure what the difference between the place is, but perhaps Lowe’s is more working man / construction builder.  In any case, I bought a rechargeable drill and a set of bits, along with some shelf braces (or corner braces, as you will) and some wood screws. I chatted with a man in the wood shop and he gave me myriad solutions for the schema I have drafted, but to be honest, I don’t completely know what I’m doing. In any case, I’m doing it!

Sanding a Wood 2x4

I made it to school in time for not such a long line at Sweetgreen, my go-to lunch place. Then I carted the braces and drill and bits up to the studio.  At that point, still enthused about having the wood, I decided to start cutting the wood pieces. I employed the help of a man who works in the wood and metal shop. He trained us on the metal shop and laser cutter, and he’s an accomplished (and Yale trained) artist. It’s always good to know to whom one is speaking, in the Art world. You might be surprised!

Sawing a Wood 2x4
Cuttin’ It Up

After my quick re-introduction to the saw, I was off and running with cuts. I did the procedures as recommended, and all of the cuts went well. Now I can continue to think about how I want to configure these pieces of wood, so that I can use them for different projects or, at least, one or two.

Tim in the wood shop
Working in the wood shop necessitates proper gear

Now I’m getting my second of two “Measles, Mumps, Rubella” vaccination shots. The medical center here at Columbia is clean, courteous and efficient — all things that I appreciate. What I didn’t enjoy was waiting for my appointment, as it seemed like many of the visitors were, not surprisingly, sick. I need to make sure I keep my hands washed and those same hands out of my mouth and away from my nasal passages.

Tim framing a shot
Getting Framed

For the remainder of my studio time, I worked on setting up and lighting my next video piece. A few things I need to do include renting another tripod tomorrow and buying a little popcorn packing material, so I can know how a process of pouring particle materials onto my face will go. There are so many factors that do into developing a piece. Little details and particularities, including actors, lighting, timing, sound, and the equipment and props needed for a proper shoot.

I’m very excited, though, about the pace at which I’m working on projects. I need to get a few more braces, some tape and a tape measure today. On we go with work!

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