Fixing shower

La Notte, La Laser

Overall, I had a good weekend. I feel like it was a fair balance of hectic activity, entertainment, and something approaching leisure.

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Fixing shower
Not the most fun way to spend Sunday morning…

Note to self: Get better at documentation! It’s not so much for me or my vanity but perhaps to convey a time and place.  If I entertain myself, I should note what it was. For instance, in the past week I saw Michelangelo Antonioni’s La Notte, a film called Blair Witch, and part of a film called Elevator To The Gallows. The third film I was again too ambitious to see, as I tried to catch a 12:30pm show at Film Forum on Sunday but fell asleep so much during it, that I might as well have not gone. Another lesson: Don’t go to the movies when I’m tired.

I’m glad I got the materials for the “racks,” as I will call them. I’ll have to thoughtfully and safely cut and prepare them to make my constructions, and I want those constructions to be modular and as portable as possible. I’ll still have to ask the guys at the wood shop for advice on how to best achieve that with minimal means. In furtherance of that, I created schemata for how I’d like the stands to be constructed in Adobe Illustrator (to which I’m subscribing, for the first time). Perhaps I can use screws, bolts, washers and nuts to realize this. It would be great if the pieces could be stored in a discrete place.

Another somewhat full and very interesting day. It rained in the morning, so I took the hour that would usually be devoted to walking to simply getting back in bed. Uncannily enough, I woke up an hour after I laid down, at first.

Next, I wrote a Facebook post to my peers to invite them to a game of “Celebrity” using art terms. I have to do a lot of planning for that, not the least of which is looking at the project room I  reserved for the event. I also have to think about lighting and recording and sound and permissions and food and dates and participants and timing. I have a little more than a week to do it! I suppose I’m looking at September 29th. Already, I have an idea about sound: The first two rounds the people will have to speak into a microphone. Maybe I can purchase this new 4K camera that will allow me to make it look like a television show with different “camera angles.” We’ll see.

Call for "celebrity" game on Facebook
First Facebook call

After that, I filled in today’s blog entry, which is always chronicling one or two days before. i thin, at this point, that it’s two days after the post is written that it goes up, with a skip day on Sunday(?). So, today (Monday) was Saturdays post, and tomorrow’s post will be tonight’s entry. Is that correct? I don’t know: Anyway, I just simply have to keep up the writing — with everything ELSE I have to do.

At 1pm I attended a training session for the laser cutting machine. I’m glad that I already have experience with laser cutters. This one is all the more impressive because it is a 48″ x 36″ bed, which is much larger than the 24″ x 18″ beds to which I became accustomed at Techshop in San Francisco. This, along with my visit to the Chapel at the school, makes me even more keen to see if I can create some pieces that would be fitting for that chapel space. Who knows? It’s worth a shot.

Laser Cutter Training
That’s a big tube you got, there….
Laser Cutter Training
Learning about the laser cutter

Later in the afternoon, I went to the computer center to print the voluminous readings for tomorrow and prepare for my Monday night critique session with a visitor. After that, I rented a couple of screens and media players for the session. Its nice that the school makes all of this hard ware available. Actually, it’s essential and proper that they do, and I suppose that’s to where all of our hard-earned tuition dollars go.

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