Economy Cand, New York

Indulging A Sweet Tooth

Well, sometimes, I suppose, one can be too enthusiastic.

Saturday, September 18, 2016

Today has been a good — if hectic — day. I got up at 630am and took my walk up and down the High Line. I always love that walk, its serenity and lack of clutter and stops.

Lower East Side, New York
Lower East Side Looking Good!

Then, I journeyed to the New Museum to work on my “Take The Stairs” project, afterwards going even further into the Lower East Side to a store called Economy Candy. What a joy that place is! It’s a store crammed floor to ceiling with bulk candy, and I I were more of a candy aficionado, I would have found myself in heaven. Of course, the child in me was giddy with a contact sugar rush, given the sheer abundance of the saccharine smelling delights. I bought an amount of red licorice-type strands for one of my projects.

Economy Cand, New York
Economy Candy….
Bulk Candy
Candy, Candy, Candy!

I bought an amount of red licorice-type strands for one of my projects: I intend to braid some sort of whip or cat of nine tails with the candy ropes and then flagellation of someone or something will be involved. This is Art, after all….

I had some time to kill before meeting my friend Carter at a place I like called Lovely Day on Elizabeth street. Foolishly, I decided to cram more activities in the day than I had time to afford. At 1230 — with only 30 minutes to go before meeting Carter — I decided to go all the way up to 23rd street and 6th avenue to the Home Depot. I bought lumber: Eight 2″x4″x96″ pieces and a 2’x4′ piece of plywood. I also bought a $4 bucket, which, I will discuss later.

Wood In The Studio

All of this enthusiasm made me 40 minutes late for a lunch with my friend, Carter. I bought the meal for him as compensation for the wait. By the time I got home it was already 2:55pm, and the phone rang. The delivery company that was scheduled to bring the lumber had already arrived, and I hadn’t even showered to head up to school.

So I jumped in the shower and… nothing. No water was coming out at the very moment that I needed to clean up and head uptown. This feels so strangely like a New York City story, but it’s not like it could only happen here. It just feels like it, at this very moment.

In any case, I made it up to school and retrieved the wood — minus the $4 bucket I bought, which disappeared in the short hour between when the materials were delivered and when I arrived. That’s annoying, but I call it the $4 Lesson”: Be prepared for deliveries and don’t leave anything exposed in halls.

In the absence of a shower at home, I groomed at the Columbia gym. Thank goodness that it was available, and I enjoyed the generous hot water!

Sushi Meal
Who She? Sushi!

Later in the day I enjoyed a sushi dinner at a new place I was introduced to, and then went to a chapel at the Theological Seminary here at the school. I truly appreciated the reverence of the place and it inspired me to think of trying to propose a project for the space.

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