Presentation Notes for Brian O'Doherty's Inside The White Cube: Tim Roseborough's Installation View Media Essay

It’s Academic!

My presentation in Art Criticism went well, today. You, too, can suffer through it!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

I was pleased to be able to use my slides, which makes me think: What did I do with my flash drive? I hope I put it away. It will be missing a good bit of context, but perhaps I’m posting the slides from the presentation below. Enjoy!

Today is my “academic” day: I have two classes and the Visiting Artist Lecture tonight. In addition, I volunteered to be the first presenter for our class discussion in my Art Criticism class.  Im actually excited about presenting: It gives me an audience, and for me that is difficult to come by. My presentation is on essays from the piece, “Inside The White Cube,” by Brian O’Doherty. I have always appreciated this book and, of course, wrote a whole essay, applying the O’Doherty text to contemporary concerns.

Art criticism class at Barnard....
Learning About Brian O’Doherty

For our Critical Issues class we read portions of Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, specifically, “The Study of Philosophy.” I like the readings, and we as students are getting better and encouraging the instructor to help contextualize the readings within the practice of art.

Critical Issues Class
Learning about Gramsci in the Critical Issues Class….

I’m a pretty quick learner, and I’d like to think that I’m learning how to manage my grad school experience I need to take a little more time for reading and also need to schedule time to work on my own writing.  I also just need to sit down, even if just for one day, and think and plan this semester and the next.  Do I want to apply for grants or residencies? To which ones do I want to apply? If I want to do a game night event, I should schedule about a month and a half in advance. I’d especially like to do my participaroty games, so I need to look at the possible room and start organizing and think about filming, etc. Planning, planning, planning.I want to keep speeding through my ideas.

. . .

I woke up this morning with my continuing sore back. It started yesterday morning, I’d say: A dull, nagging ache with occasional shots of a more specific pain and little leg tremors. I’ve dealt with this before. It would be naive of me not to connect the condition to this low-level stress I’ve discussed before, but It’s not anything I can’t endure. This is part of life, this enduring under imperfect circumstances or when one is not feeling up for the game. In a perverse way, it’s sometimes intriguing to “test” the pain: How much can I make this hurt? How far can I stretch until my very sinews threaten to snap? I wonder if I’m the only one who entertains these vaguely masochistic thoughts? Probably not, otherwise there wouldn’t be those strange shops that lurk in dead ends and side streets  in cities like New York.

I do, by the way, feel better in regards to my back. I want to be careful, but I don’t feel the nagging pain and stiffness that I did, this morning. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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