Glued dowel and stamp

Crick in the Back….

I’m excited about this video series I’m planning.

Monday, September 12th, 2016

I need to consult with someone on the staff who can suggest the correct way to build the objects I’d like. They are wood constructions: ersatz “torture” devices with a comedic edge to them. Then I can move on to Englyph projects and some of the more interactive pieces I’d like to do.

Studio props and lights
Preparing for my first video shoot!

One very important component of my success at Columbia, and a factor for which I continually hope and pray, is my continued health. I’ve been very fortunate over my life to not have experienced any very serious health concerns, with the exception of a bout of kidney stones, and I hope sincerely that this continues.

Glue gun, dowel and stamp
Working in the Wood Shop for the First Time….

I am thinking of this topic today because my back is a bit sore and swollen, along with the attendant mild shooting pains of sciatica. Happily none of the symptoms are very severe, but I’ll be inconvenienced by my misshapen back when I’m trying to film myself shirtless for a project. Perhaps I shouldn’t film myself shirtless at all, but I’m going to do what I feel is important. I’m looking all right.

Saturday night after metal shop,  I jetted back home, showered and walked to the L t rain to attend a couple of art openings in Brooklyn.  One of my colleagues texted find put if I would like to attend some with her, but I was already on the move.

Glued dowel and stamp
Success with a glue gun….

My first stop was a New Media – focused gallery on Morgan street in Brooklyn. The area, I believe, is Bushwick, which has a very spare and industrial landscape. There are rows and rows of garages and warehouses, which always seems to be an ideal space for the eventual proliferation of galleries.

The New Media show was inventive and fun. The artist set up a row of computers on which a “choose your own adventure”-style game about male sexual aggression was explored. I chatted a bit with the artist and the gallery owner and was then on my way to the next event.

I wanted to go to a show in which one of the staff members was involved. He’s a very colorful personality, and could be a good ally, so I figured it would be kind and wise to support his artistic endeavors.

The building in which the event was held is a dilapidated pharmaceutical factory on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn.

Today I meet with the head of the Communications department at the School of the Arts. We’re going to go over the details of my position as Social Media Fellow. I’m trying to encourage her to think of social media being a personal medium, and that a campaign that features the real lives of students in the school would be engaging to audiences. The more I can integrate that job with have I already have going would be beneficial to me in the fact that I would have a platform with some built-in audience. And an audience is what I would like, besides friends from High School and relatives.

Tonight was my first grad critique with an outside professor. As first sessions,go, I would say that it went quite well. The critique was scheduled for 705pm, but lets say that the visitor was 45 minutes late. I’m already doing pre-production for my first video, of which I’m very excited. I showed her the “set” and the major gist of the piece, and then we got on to influences in Art, film and literature. We covered artists such as John Baldessari, Tennessee Williams, Michelangelo Antonioni, Albert Camus, Henri Matisse and Aeschylus II. It was an invigorating and pleasant conversation and she was complementary of my work, which is fine either way. I do recognize hat not every conversation will be this way, but I welcome conversation of all tenors.

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