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I’m starting to get into my creative process, now.

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

September 11th tribute lights
In Memoriam: September 11, 2001

To start: In memoriam to those who gave their lives on September 11th, 2011.

As I mentioned, I’ll be doing a lot of moving and carting to the studio. I’m thinking of how to structure projects and my timing.

On the topic of timing, I realize now that grad school is a bit of a long-distance run. It’s not a sprint: I would be ill-advised to expend all of my energy in one early burst — shooting my wad, as it were. Instead, I need to keep a very steady pace with work, a bit at a time, but with a level of intensity that keeps me achieving significant milestones, every day. I have to be like a shark: constantly moving forward or, to use another simile, I have to be constantly buzzing like a bee.

My parents both separately expressed concerns that I might get over stressed, but it’s my feeling that a low level of stress spread out over time is preferable to a high level in a concentrated period, like the end of the semester. I would rather move smoothly into that time, so I can make my best work and fulfill my vision for each project.

In anticipation of my inaugural video in the Columbia studio, I shopped at B&H, which will quickly become my favorite store, for sure! I was hunting for black lights for an invisible ink project.

Batteries, cords, lights
Tuition is one thing: Supplies are a whole ‘nother expense!

The first option I choose, a 400 watt DJ black light setup with a scaffold, sounded nice on paper until I actually ordered the pieces and they waited for me at the exit. As soon as I saw the box for the scaffold, I knew the equipment was too much for my needs. Right then and there I returned it, knowing that it would take two people and a good bit of hassle and manpower to get the heavy materials into the studio and set up, and then back to the store.

Plastic Shopping Bags
Time for bag consolidation….

I am aware that it’s not completely ethical, but I’m a big proponent of buying equipment, taking good care of it, and then taking it back to the store. It’s some perverse type of rental strategy, but it works most of the time. I always make sure that I keep all receipts and original packaging.

Electronic Train Schedule
Been seeing a lot of this. Will see more!

I need to dig out all of my old cameras and equipment for this photo and video shoot. In a way, I both want to be the model and don’t, because if I can set someone else to pose as the protagonist, I can simply work on perfecting the shots. All in all, I’ll try to keep myself in the picture, as it were….

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