Second-Year Slide Night presentation

New York: An Embarrassment of Riches

Today has been busy, but  oddly relaxing as well.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I’m proud of myself that I got up at 7am and went running. I need to keep that up, if I can. I know that I can go in and out, but it’s nice when I’m IN the habit of working out. I feel so much better and I get shapelier, quite quickly.

After I ran, I had to prepare six images for the Slide Night. Admittedly, I submitted mine about 20 minutes before they were due (9am this morning) and then submitted a video that features the images and some text — about as much I want to say about my work, at this point.

Upon her insistence, I met a woman who works around the art field. I’ll say “around” because she’s not really in the field, but she’s present. She wanted to. Show me spaces for a potential show, next year. She started with the “I usually charge for my time” bit and reminded me of what a favor she was doing for me. Fair enough, but I already knew of the spaces she showed me and could have gotten them myself. Given everything that I’ve been trying to do, it was a bit of a waste of time, but it’s okay.

After parting with her, I jetted to B&H before their 2pm Friday store closing. The store observes the Jewish Sabbath and closes at 2pm on Friday before opening again on Sunday. There, I did research on black lights (for one project) and streaming webcams for another. My trip was fruitful with information, and I treated myself to a lunch at a Mexican Restaurant on 51st and 9th avenue.

Now, I’m at the annual second year student “Slide Night.” The room is packed and spirits are high as the second years present themselves and their projects to their peers. Here goes….

Secone-Year Slide Night presentation
Presenting at Second-Year Slide Night

I was astonished at the level of pure verve and creativity exhibited by the second years at Slide Night. The even went perfectly as scheduled, starting a 4pm and ending at 7.  After which there was Pizza, the staple of Grad students everywhere….

Post-Slide Night Pizza
Standard Grad Student Fuel….

The students’ practices and presentations ranged from the whimsical and goofy to the sublime and near-genius. Its amazing how much ground can be covered — how much can be expressed in a short period of time, if the actors are bright, ambitious and talented. In a way, I almost wanted to slink into a corner: Could my work be anywhere as impressive as this? For a moment Doubt snuck in the back door: Should I do that project I’d been thinking of? Is it too close to the work o f this other fellow? Soon enough, the ego-wound closed and resealed again and I felt secure. On I go with my projects…

Tim is not getting in to this event.
“Sorry, you’re not on the list….”

On other notes, I didn’t get in to the performance put on by the British artist that presented at the Visiting Artist Lecture. I approached the reception table and they told me that due to the deluge of requests, I couldn’t be accommodated that night. All hope was not lost, though, because as New York goes, there was a lecture at the Leslie-Lohman museum right next door, about a fascinating Downtown artist named Stephen Varble.

A lecture at the Leslie-Lohman museum.
A lecture at the Leslie-Lohman museum.

This just attests to the fact that there are more art events than one can possibly attend, on any night in New York. It’s an embarrassment of riches!

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