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Painting And Classes About It….

I’m going uptown in the same clothes I wore yesterday.

I’m doing so with the hopes of sweeping and painting the floor. After yesterday’s white wall-fest, I need to cover up the white splotches with the dark grey that is so generously supplied.

Then, for the first time, I’m going to attempt showering and shaving (gulp!) at the school gym. I rented a locker and bought grooming supplies, along with my flip-flop sandals, which I’ll keep up there, and I’ll give it a try!

Downtown Train

It’s 10:19pm and a few things hit me as the day went on. Some of those things I most certainly surmised before I even entered the school. The most important point being that — if one isn’t careful — many activities in which one might engage are AGAINST actually maintaining a practice! I started adding it up this Summer: We have jobs and Teaching Assistantships along with electives and classes with intensive reading. I realize that I have two intensive reading classes, and I really want to participate, but I’ll have to meter everything out. In addition, there are the evening critique sessions and the visiting artists lectures. Today’s lecture was straining to end at 10pm.

I am determined to keep myself on schedule and achieve the things I want to in this school, practice-wise, so I’ll have to learn how to carefully balance academic, social and artistic excellence. Some things will have to give and some things cannot be negotiated, and I have to maneuver between the two.

As it is today, the morning is the best time for me: I get up and do my exercise and get started early, as I did today, accomplishing my floor painting. Incidentally,  I was pleased to find out,  upon re-entering the room, that I was actually using the correct paint color on the floor, so it doesn’t need yet another coat. Thank goodness! The floor looked nice, clean and evenly shaded. I may go around the edges with more white, to define the division between floor and wall a bit more.

I also visited my first elective. I chose a class that was on a Tuesday, so that I would already be uptown for other classes and activities.  My hope is to minimize my obligations on Thursday and Friday so that I can have full studio days and/or not have to go to school at all. So then maybe on a Friday I can have a chill day or go to an afternoon movie. Or I can leave town for a quick trip, if I choose.

The class is lead by a renowned New York artist with great gallery representation and a stellar exhibition record. If one is tempted to forget that Columbia is a World-class institution, the faculty alone with convince them otherwise!

Tomorrow, I will begin doing some more painting tests for the acrylic on canvases that I’m planning to do… More fun to come!

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