Columbia MFA Orientation

It’s No Occident: We’re Getting Oriented!

The day started early.

I’m on the number one train headed to my second day of orientation at CSOA. Yesterday was a “free” day, after Monday’s school-wide orientation. That allowed me to finish an online project for a show in an Oakland, California gallery. You can see that, here.

My orientation name tag: Tim Roseborough, Columbia University School of the Arts
My orientation name tag.

I’m going to work hard to discipline myself regarding time management. I want to be able to sleep adequately, exercise, eat nutritious food, get work done, do my job obligations and still have time for socializing.

It all sounds like what a “good” by would do, and ultimately I am a good boy.

Coincidentally, I woke up on Tuesday morning with an email from a second year classmate who invited us to a bar at 11pm, the night before. I know that portions of the social life here are late, but jeez! At the same time, I have to be sure to make some of these later meetings, as this is where connections flourish.

Second Year Students Advise First Year Students
Second Year Students Advise First Year Students

My new classmates and I were expected at the Leroy Neiman center in Dodge Hall at 9am.

My timing wasn’t terrible, as I left the house at around 815am. One problem: I forgot to note exactly WHERE the meeting was to take place.

Thankfully, I ran into Phoebe, a new colleague of mine who knew where we were going. At the very least I’d be on time, but happily I was also in the right place.

It also turns out that Phoebe is from the Bay area and is friends with some colleagues of mine, in San Francisco.

The school was nice enough to provide light breakfast foods: bagels and cream cheese, muffins, a fruit plate, orange juice, coffee and water. I didn’t want much as I had carted a small cup of yogurt with peach preserves and blueberries. I’m really trying to keep a certain diet, although it’s difficult. I can be seen on any visit to a movie theater drinking an unhealthy “big gulp”-sized Coca-Cola.

I need to start learning how to pack a breakfast like this and take it uptown with me.

Time management is going to be crucial to my accomplishments at Columbia. I’m going to have to make time for commuting, exercising, proper eating, sleep (importantly), as well as my work projects and socializing.

If I master my time and discipline, I can do this and have a good time, as well.

After sessions with select administration and second-year students, we walked to Hudson hall to look at studios. First was Watson Hall on 115th street.

Lunch With Faculty
Lunch With Faculty

Watson is a five-story walk-up with some natural light, although the building is somewhat old looking. The walls aren’t “gallery grade,” so it might prove difficult to take pictures in it to emulate installation shots.

I have to take into account that I want the flexibility to both paint and film and display, so I have to balance those things, as well as the level of physical comfort that the environment affords. I have to be in the studio for extended periods of time, so I certainly need to be comfortable.

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