Back and Forth

Writing Without The Worry of “Responsibility…”


I suppose that I’m getting a little better at this posting thing.

I’ve figured out “featured image” size and have started to allow myself to let go, a bit, with the writing.

I told some people in a group critique just this week that they didn’t have to worry about their “responsibilities” to the public when they create. I encouraged them (and myself) to simply let go and allow themselves to be in the moment of creation.

If, as it turns out, they didn’t like the possible ramifications of what they created, they could simply put the work away, and never allow a public to see it, but in any case the work was DONE.

This is how I’m attempting to treat writing, because at this point, I HAVE to do it. Writing is going to become a more important part of my practice, as it will communicate my views and ideas and get them out into the world, via this social media venue.

So, I’m going to keep up with the practice of writing and treat it like me art: I’ve heard others say that they weren’t happy with a piece that they had made, or didn’t see it as “successful.” Strangely enough, I’ve never had that feeling: I like all of the work that I’ve done because it was sincere and came from me, from the fount of my seriousness and passion. So I do it and move on and worry about how it might (on mostly not) be received, and am certainly not my own worst critic.

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